Friday, January 14, 2022



Communist Cancel Culture vs. The Christian Canon
The hour nears midnight when doom awaits us. We must call this attack for what it is -- a deliberate effort to destroy all that made us the most free and successful country on earth in order to make us yet another casualty of their never ending schemes and producing another bunch of field workers and mindless "pee-ons" on the coming Global Plantation.
By Sidney Secular
Why Climate Change Is a Fraud
My paper shows if human CO2 emissions were to stop, the small human-caused CO2 increase would quickly fall, meaning there is no scientific basis to claim there is a climate emergency or worry about our grand kids. My paper overturns IPCC’s climate fraud with a clarity that can win in a court of law.
By Edwin Berry, Ph.D.
2022: A Look Ahead
I think it likely that Republicans will retake one or both houses of Congress when November gets here, if only because the party out of power in the Executive branch usually wins big in off years. That might stymie the Bidenistas, but then what? November is still eleven months away, though, and they can do a lot of irreversible damage in the meantime.
By Steven Yates

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