Friday, January 14, 2022

China in FOCUS- Epoch

 Submitted by: Joseph Grisafi Jr

I believe I have found a conservative channel on the TV. For those here in the Houston area the channel is 45-5 NTD. KXLN is out of Rosenberg, TX. It appears this could be an Epoch Times station. Dunno for sure. It's a station you can only take so much of. A lot of info but it becomes overwhelming. I've only watched it a few times since I found it earlier this week.

A few nights ago I saw Larry Elder on his own program and this morning the Epoch Times editor had an interview with Dr. Malone.

The topic below was also discussed this morning. They also talked about the crap going on in China

However, I saw a commercial from the Brady anti-gun group calling for safe guns in the home. They said to keep your guns unloaded and separated. Now explain to me how good is a gun if it's unloaded and separate from the ammo?

Just FYI.


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