Tuesday, February 21, 2023



20,000 Protest War in Ukraine During Kamala Harris Visit at Munich Security Conference

There is a peace movement growing apace in Europe. Meanwhile, America slouches to bankruptcy and failure.

The same 'anti-war peaceniks 'who set the country on fire to oppose the Vietnam war are America's biggest supporters and promoters of this ...

TRUMP PEACE: First Synagogue in Arab world in Close to 100 Years Inaugurated in Abu Dhabi

Literally an OMG moment. What President Trump accomplished in the Middle East is a miracle. The only good news is Trump news. Saudi Arabia, Oman, and others would have joined the Abraham Accords if President Trump remained in office. Sadly, the ...

Undercover DC Police Pushed Protesters Toward Capitol, Climbed Over Barricade: Court Filing

Everything the American people were told about January 6th was a lie. There was an insurrection, just not the one created out of whole cloth by the very same caballers that stole the election. The people in charge of our country right now are the ...

IT’S HAPPENING: Tucker Carlson Gets 41,000 Hours of January 6 Surveillance Footage

Here we go! “There was never any legitimate reason for this footage to remain secret,” Tucker Carlson.

America will finally see what really happened on January 6th.


So ...

Student Collapses In Stands at High School Basketball Game – Defibrillator Used to Revive Him

Right. Totally normal.

“Student Collapses at GM Basketball Game – Defibrillator Used to Revive Him – Totally Normal”.

A male student from Heartland Arrowhead High School collapsed during the basketball game Friday night against ...

12-Year-Old New Jersey Boy DIES SUDDENLY During Football Practice

Look at what the Democrats have done to our children all in their insatiable hunger for absolute power over our lives. And they are still promoting and mandating this RNA poison. When a nation kills their children, the nation is already dead. ...

Biden Regime Negotiates Deal to Hand Over Authority Over US Pandemic Policies to WHO

Abdicating our national sovereignty to authoritarian destroyers. It's unconstitutional, it's treasonous – and no one is holding these usurpers to account.

World Health Organization Will Rename Monkeypox Because ‘It’s RACIST’ ...

Biden’s War On Suburbia: The Democrats Are Coming For Your Home and Neighborhood, Playing the Race Card

Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide.

The Biden administration announced Jan. 19 it will require all towns across America to submit “equity plans” showing how they will make it possible for low-income people to live there, by providing ...

AMERICA LAST: Biden Makes Surprise Visit to …..Ukraine Not East Palestine, Ohio

Trump is visiting Ohio.

Biden is visiting his criminal enterprise.

What a kick in the head.

Trump to Visit Ohio Train Derailment Site Because Washington ‘Leaders’ Are ‘Too Afraid’

What's your reaction to President @JoeBiden ...


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