Tuesday, February 21, 2023


Chemical and Biological Military Activities

A good portion of Ohio may be ruined for decades. Link The people who lived in that town are most likely about to lose everything, including their health. Gov. DeWine told them it was safe to go home, but it obviously is not. DeWine should be forced to live out the remainder of his term in East Palestine, Ohio.

By Kelleigh Nelson


Is Washington DC Ruling For or Against Americans?

Seymour Hersh has recently reported that it was the CIA which carried out the attack to blow up Russia’s Nordstream Pipeline. Not surprising. After all, who believed the CIA’s media when they suggested that it was Russia itself behind the attack? That was an out and out LOL! Russia had absolutely no motive for such an act and every reason to never consider such abject stupidity.

By Jeffery Dover


End the Insanity Immediately!

The Book of Revelations isn’t a book of how God destroys the world. It’s a book that foretells how a “Godless” people will destroy the world, and we are on the brink! This time, the entire world will go the way of the Roman Empire!

By Lex Greene


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