Tuesday, February 21, 2023


 Is Global Warming One BIG Hoax?

New Book from Top Climate Scientists Reveals Fact From Fiction

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Dear Friend,

If you ever suspect that you (and everyone else) have been lied to about the causes of "global warming" — then I'm here to say...

You may be right.

As a freedom-loving family man, scientist, and life-long investor... it makes me sick to my stomach to know just how much hard-working American taxpayers have been lied to over the past several decades.

hot talk cold scienceAnd in this free book I want to send to you today, you'll discover why "global warming" may not be the urgent crisis that has been promoted throughout the world for the past 40 years.

What's worse, is that us taxpayers have been fleeced to the tune of billions of dollars!

In fact, the Biden administration is pushing this reckless spending of OUR tax dollars into overdrive with $22 Billion earmarked for "climate change" in 2021...

...And is looking to increase that amount by more than 60% to a whopping $36 Billion in 2022!

That's almost DOUBLE the amount spent on securing our borders and ports.

It's time for Americans to get the facts, and start holding our elected and appointed officials accountable.

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Tom Luongo
Editor, Ultimate Wealth Report

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