Tuesday, September 20, 2022



Drop what you’re doing and read, Conservatives.

I just had an emergency finance meeting – and they told me more bad news. If we don’t make a major fundraising push TODAY, we will have to make some serious changes to the campaign.

My team just said that unless we raise $20,000 before midnight, we may have to cut some ads. Socialist John Fetterman is hiding from the voters, and the media won’t ask him ANY tough questions. These ads are our only chance to expose Fetterman and the damage he will do to our country.

Yeah… this is bad. This could literally cost us the win so close to the election.

Donate now so I can keep running my ads.
Donate now so I can reveal the truth about John Fetterman.

WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS WITH ONLY 2 MONTHS LEFT! CHIP IN ANYTHING you can to save this campaign and beat John Fetterman.

Please help me turn this around before the final FEC Quarter deadline on September 30.

God bless YOU,

Doctor Oz For Senate
Dr. Mehmet Oz

Doctor Oz for Senate

Dr. Oz is running for the most important Senate Seat in the Country. The future of America depends on Dr. Oz winning. If we lose Pennsylvania, we lose America. Rush your support to make an impact.

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