Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Dear Conservatives,


Now that we know the truth about the C0V!D “virus” and its deadly “vaccine”… We realize that so many of the signs were there all along…


Like how the 2011 World Health Organization Decade of Vaccination document actually said that vaccines would reduce the population. And this was later mentioned publicly by population control “philanthropist” Bill Gates himself.


In my recent interview with Dr. David Martin, he discussed how this document clearly stated that their plan was to reduce the global population by 15%…


“The entire organizing committee of this particular world view, this particular belief system says that there are too many people and we need to get rid of them. And the 700 million is their number, not my number.”


Fast forward to 2022, and we’re seeing millions of people injured from these deadly “vaccines”. There’s no denying the evidence that their agenda was planned well in advance.


But the real key is not to live in fear, because it’s fear that drove the majority of the population to get vaxxed in the first place. And that’s why knowing the truth is so important.


In my latest eBook, Dark Truth: How COVID “Vaccines” Are Advancing the Population Control Agenda I uncover everything you need to know about the global government’s vaxx agenda and how to protect yourself from their brainwashing techniques in the future.


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When you download your f.ree eBook, you’ll also discover…

  • Details about the World Health Organization’s population “reduction” agenda… Which includes culling potentially billions of people…
  • Why top medical experts believe the C0V!D “vaccine” rollout has been the deadliest human experiment in history.
  • How the C0V!D agenda was engineered to promote mass hysteria, manipulating the population into getting the deadly mRNA vaxx.
  • Proof that the so-called C0V!D “vaccine” is completely ineffective.
  • Why African American Kevin Jenkins (Founder and CEO of Urban Global Health Alliance) believes that slavery never ended – And the importance of recognizing this to avoid being brainwashed.

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This is where you’ll uncover the latest, most effective (and censored) information about recovering from C0V!D and “vaccine” injuries… And the TRUTH about the global government’s hidden agendas… Especially what they're planning to do this winter!


To your health,


Jonathan Otto

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