Tuesday, September 20, 2022



Iranian President’s Denies Holocaust, Hijab-ed ’60 Minutes’ Cow Leslie Stahl Says Nothing

Vile! And no pushback from Lesley Stahl. What a contrast from her interview with President Trump. The Biden Administration wants to give this homicidal maniac a pathway to nukes, and billions of dollars in sanctions relief that it will use to fund ...

Special Master Order Reveals BIDEN’S DIRECT INVOLVEMENT In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells

Now what?

Special Master Order Reveals Biden’s Direct Involvement In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells

By: Margot Cleveland, The Federalist, September 06, 2022

The federal judge’s 24-page order further calls into question the ...

Biden’s Next Catastrophe: The Islamic State Is Back

Trump vanquished the devout savage group. Biden resurrected them.

The Islamic State Is Back — But Its Focus Has Shifted

By: Micaela Burrow, Daily Caller,  September 18, 2022:

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has been slowly ...

Homeland Security Confirmed Venezuela ‘Sends Violent Criminals’ to U.S.A.

President Trump warned us of the consequences of our Southern Boarder being open. He warned that Central America's corrupt governments would clean out their prisons, and send violent criminals to the United States. Trump was right. He was right ...

EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: ‘Democrats For Republican Lee Zeldin’ Rally Support For Gubernatorial Bid in NYC

9/12/22 – NY City Hall- Republican Lee Zeldin counts conservative Democrats among backers of his bid for governor of New York State … support comes from current and former lawmakers who say they’re no fans of Gov. Hochul, a fellow Democrat. ...

GOP Voters ‘Virtually Impossible to Poll’ After Biden’s ‘MAGA Republicans’ Speech: Top Pollster

First off, it's nobody else's business who you vote for. Don't expose yourself to these tyrants. That's why voting is curtained and private. Secondly, the fix is in. The Democrats have been rigging elections for so long they have it down to ...

The Bidenites’ Catastrophic Refusal to Uphold the Taylor Force Act

The Palestinians, as heedless of reality as ever, had the ever-astonishing audacity to prepare “five demands” that they presented to President Biden when he met with Mahmoud Abbas in mid-July. A report on those demands, written before the ...
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