Friday, May 13, 2022


 Alex Jones breaks down the U.S. Army Special Operations Careers recruitment film "Ghosts In The Machine."

NewsWars -- First published May 12, 2022
From:  Rumble -- View online
The MAGA KING…we will look into more of this King they tried to knock out.. it is backfiring. The current joke of a leader is breaking the law, Kari Lake makes Newsmax uncomfortable…brilliant one there… and a few notes on Ukraine and the JAB
5.12.22: The RETURN of the GREAT MAGA KING, @KariLake unleashed, DURHAM, #2000Mules PRAY!
And We Know -- First published May 12, 2022
From:  Rumble -- Ep. 2773a
Watch The Corrupt Politicians Actions, Trump Calls Out Biden, It's Over
X22 Report -- Financial -- Published May 12, 2022
From:  Rumble -- Ep. 2773b
Trump & The Patriots Built A Weapon & They Are Ready To Unleash It, MAGA King Returns
X22 Report -- Political * Geopolitical -- Published May 12, 2022
Monkey Minute 5.12.22 ALERT! WHO Over-Reach!
Monkey Werx US -- May 12, 2022
SITREP 5.11.22 Pay to Play 2.0?
Monkey Werx US -- May 12, 2022
FBI Whistleblowr LEAKS Doc Showing Bureau Targets "News Media" as "Sensitive Investigative Matter"
Rumble -- ProjectVeritas -- Published May 11, 2022
We Are The Prey - John B Wells LIVE
John B. Wells - Carawan to Midnight -- May 12, 2022
American REFUGEES to escape collapsing CITIES: Steve Quayle and Mike Adams
Health Ranger Report -- With Steve Quayle -- Published 14 hours ago
Peace Love & Justice If You Want It
Rumble -- Reese Report -- Published May 7, 2022
How Russia Could Defeat NATO And Launch The Great Reset With Only One Nuke
Rumble -- Reese Report -- First published May 11, 2022
From: Sher Zieve; J. Croyts;  "Kat Hawkins"; via Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr
Re: "Coastal Fire tears through Orange County"
Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr
God's Word Christian Ministry
Conservative Patriot >
Get Ready For The Economic Collapse
THETRUTHSEEKER -- by Gonzalo Lira -- First published May 11, 2022
From:  Pat Shannan
INIWORLDREPORT -- May 11, 2022  |  Subject: Attention! FBI Fusion Center murderers –A Letter of Our US Hero-Ms. Karen Melton Stewart, NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.,
From:  Pat Shannan
[New post] 23628
Published May 12, 2022  |  Remdesivir 'Disastrous' as COVID Treatment, But Government Pays Hospitals to Use It.
[New post] 23636__trashed
From:  Pat Shannan  |   On today's episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, I will be diving into conversations at the World Government Summit 2022 and the alarming projection this meeting will have on our lives.
[New post] NOW HEAR THIS!  Globalists have spelled out their plan to use the Ukraine conflict to impose one-world government
LIFESITE, is on the ground reporting at the Canadian March for LIfe
10 hours Relaxing Soothing Music with AMAZING Beautiful Nature
Peaceful Music In 4k -- by Tim Janis

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