Friday, May 13, 2022



American Veterans in Defense of Liberty and Freedom
This president has taken steps heretofore unheard of to restrict not only travel, but also the beliefs and values of the American people. If Americans wish to volunteer to defend freedom and liberty of and in another country – it is not up to the president to deny them that opportunity.
By Gerard Keenan
Can We Take Back Our Election Process?
The real power comes from rejecting the candidates at ever level. But all of that depends on the voters. Do you want to take back control, or are you satisfied to have your choices made for you behind closed doors? Because that’s what we have now. How’s that working for you?
By Tom DeWeese
Umbrella Tree
Hello everyone. I have been looking into worldwide corruption for 45 years. Why do we keep choosing corruption over liberty? Especially with all the evil going on today. As it gets worse and worse, I was brought to remember something I read years ago in “Occult Theocrasy” by Lady Queen borough.
By Paul Cappadona

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