Friday, May 13, 2022


Court Rules For Teacher On 'Trans' Pronouns

In a First Amendment case that is testing the limits of transgender demands, a federal court has ruled in favor of a math teacher who refused to use "personal pronouns" for a female student. The law firm defending the teacher alleges she was instructed to lie to parents, too.

Fauci? Collins? NIH, Scientists Received $350M In Royalties Over Last Decade

According to a new report, the NIH and the federal agency's scientists received at least $350 million in royalties from third-party groups over the last decade.

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Supreme Court Justices Held 1st Meeting Since Leak Of Draft Roe Opinion
The Supreme Court's nine justices met in private Thursday for the first time since the leak of a draft opinion that would overrule Roe v. Wade and sharply curtail abortion rights ...

Beware The Popping Of The Housing Bubble
Washington never learns. Never. Politicians are like collective Alzheimer's disease patients. They have no short-term memories. Does anyone remember 2008? It was only 14 years ago.

Powell: 'Soft' Economic Landing Could Be Out Of Fed's Control
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, fresh off winning Senate confirmation for a second term earlier in the day, acknowledged for the first time Thursday that high inflation and economic weakness overseas ...

Inflation For Wholesalers Up By More Than 10% Over Past Year, Gov't Index Says
Producer prices in the United States -- those that are paid by retailers before items are resold to shoppers -- were more than 10% higher in April than they were a year ago, the Labor Department said in its monthly survey Thursday.

Still Climbing A Mountain Of Anti-Trump Books
Mark Esper, President Donald Trump's last confirmed secretary of defense, has been the toast of all the networks this week for his new memoir, starting with the high-profile debut on "60 Minutes" with CBS anchor Norah O'Donnell. Then came CNN and MSNBC and PBS and NPR and Fox News.

Managers Fired From Twitter Amid Musk Buyout Turmoil
Twitter fired two of its top managers Friday, the latest sign of internal turmoil amid Tesla billionaire Elon Musk's planned buyout of the company. One Twitter general manager, Kayvon Beykpour, is leaving after 7 years. In a series of tweets Thursday, Beykpour said ...

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Cori Bush With Joy Reid: 'Abortion Has Never Been About A Baby'

Stores Limit Baby Formula Sales As Source Reports Pallets Shipped By Biden Admin To 'Illegal Migrant' Facilities

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