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May the 12th, 2022



Anti-Semitism is a growing issue across our country, as well as Anti-Christian beliefs and principles from which our Nation was founded.  Yes…this is true, both statements. 

I am sad over these facts, and a couple of months ago I decided to begin a conversation with Messianic Rabbi Jack Zimmerman who is the Chief Evangelist for Jewish Voice Ministries to address these sad state of affairs.  America, for the most part, has lost her footing, her way from which we were founded and prospered for so long.  Rarely is the Lord even mentioned in hallways of legislation and governance.  Rarely are the teachings which gave our Nation such a unique standing in the world, outside of Israel, even brought forward to address the myriad of assaults and challenges confronting America today.  Rare is the church at-large that teaches walking in cooperation (submission) to the Lord or teaches humility (trust) to navigate the hard times we are facing, and those about to unfold.  Serious misunderstandings exist as to why gentile and Jew cannot fellowship together if  truly they are worshipping the One True Lord of Heaven and Earth, the Lord Almighty, Yeshua the Messiach. 

            This segment of ARIZONA TODAY is one of a continuing conversation where this Rabbi and I venture into topics many are embarrassed or afraid to go and look at much less discuss publicly.  May you both enjoy are good-naturing kibbitzing and smiles, as well as learn in a safe environment.  Thank you for your comments, questions and especially your prayers and financial contributions to help keep the lights on, the cameras rolling, and the conversation going.  Please go to my website: and enjoy all the material there, and consider contributing with the PayPal button.


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