Wednesday, November 24, 2021



First look:
  • Biden turns back as media shouts, WHEN WILL YOU ANSWER US?
  • Cop fired for donating to Rittenhouse defense embraced by karma
  • Will Biden's release of 50 mil barrels of oil make a difference?
  • Scientists: Earth will soon have rings like Saturn (This ain't good)

"When will you answer our questions?" Biden turns his back on media (and America) again

HeadlineAfter Saying Things Could Be Worse, Biden Flees the Lectern

The First take: Yes, this has become standard operating procedure from this administration. However, yesterday was the first time we noticed broader outrage from across the press pool. Will angry and frustrated reps from CNN, NBC, etc be enough to convince Biden to actually face the press? Doubtful.

Officer fired after donating to Rittenhouse defense is rewarded

HeadlineSUPPORTING THE BLUE: $250,000 Raised for Police Officer Fired for Donating to Kyle Rittenhouse Fund

The First take: Lt. William Kelly is going to have one heck of a Thanksgiving thanks to Candace Owens and hundreds of generous strangers. We also hope Kelly's case is heard and he is reinstated to do the police work he so loves. 

Will Biden's release of 50 million barrels of oil make a difference?

HeadlineWill Biden's release of oil reserves ease prices? Experts say it's unlikely

The First take: It sounds good and everything. Buuuuut, we know gas prices drop every winter due to fewer miles being driven by consumers. So, watch for Biden to take credit for that slight drop. In truth, this is merely a stunt, as we pointed out in yesterday's email by showing you the actual numbers.

Scientists: Earth will have rings like Saturn (But, it's not a good thing)

HeadlineScientist predicts Earth will develop rings like Saturn

The First take: We think Saturn and its rings are cool and all... but the rings our planet is expected to develop will be made of junk, space junk. Not cool. 

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