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Welcome to our new semi-monthly newsletter specifically for updates on our Afghan Rescue Project. Our Afghan Rescue Team continues to save the lives of U.S. allies, civil rights activists and persecuted minorities in Afghanistan including dozens of Christians.

Latest Updates 

  • We've so far rescued 1,700 highly vetted Afghans who were marked for death, torture and/or imprisonment under the Taliban’s rule.
  • We've rescued 40 U.S. citizens, including a couple that had become homeless and was living on the streets.
  • We've helped evacuate 50 persecuted Christians and well-known human rights activists who risked their lives to fight for women’s rights, children’s rights, separation of mosque and state. One activist was targeted for his work combatting antisemitism.
  • We're working with a network of over 50 safehouses, with an average of 10 people per safehouse.
  • We're helping provide food for over 400 people.
  • We're also providing emergency medical aid to the people we're rescuing, including a baby with a double cleft lip whose health was declining and a toddler who ran out of the medication needed for his chemotherapy.

Stories From the Ground

This boy’s grin does not reflect the horror from which he was freed, thanks to our work. He is from a religious minority and his parents were human-rights activists. His entire family was on Taliban hit lists. His big sister was tortured by the Taliban and struggles with the trauma and physical injuries. His mother was widowed after the Taliban kidnapped and murdered his father. 

Despite this family’s past, this boy’s new life began as this picture was taken. Thanks to the collaborative effort of our volunteers, partners and donors, this mother, little brother and two sisters were successfully evacuated, along with 50 close friends and family from his minority religious community. 
Here you see these siblings’ first meal after we welcomed them into one of our safe houses. Prior to the fall of their country, their father was a first lieutenant with the Afghan government. His job was to keep civilians and American troops safe from Taliban improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The children’s grandfather also worked with an American security company to keep the Afghan civilians safe from Taliban and other violent extremists. 

After the fall of Afghanistan, the Taliban seized the family’s home. Thankfully, the family was not at home at the time. When they returned home, the neighbors warned them about the Taliban. On the run and frantic to save his children’s lives, their father sent an email to Ryan Mauro, pleading for a safe place to hide and food for his starving wife and children. Thanks to our donors and partners, we were able to respond. 
Resources for supporting the people in our safehouses are running out. If they are thrown onto the streets, they are very likely to be killed, imprisoned, tortured or kidnapped in order to become a jihadist’s wife or child bride.
Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to help everyone who needs us. Over 7,000 Afghans have contacted us directly, begging for help. Our hearts break hearing the stories and seeing the pictures and videos provided by these Afghans who trusted the United States and are now in mortal danger.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this emergency rescue campaign fit with The Clarion Intelligence Network's overall mission of protecting the U.S. from extremist threats?  
  • The people we are rescuing risked their lives to fight Islamist terrorists alongside U.S. forces. They are important allies in our fight against extremism and will continue to fight Islamic extremists wherever they are.
  • Our Afghan friends are eager to assist our investigations into terror suspects on U.S. soil, and  many have already helped us identify Taliban sympathizers among the people evacuated to the U.S. They've also helped identify other Islamic extremists who were already in the U.S. These people trust us, and they will continue to be a rich source of intelligence that will help keep our country safe.
How are you vetting the Afghans requesting your help? 
  • Our vetting goes above and beyond what is done by Western governments and humanitarian organizations. We are experts at spotting fraudulent documents, liars and people who show signs of extremist beliefs or abusive behaviors, and we’re stopping them in their tracks.
Help us create a world unafraid. Make a donation to help us expose extremists who threaten our safety and security. The Clarion Project is a registered 501(c)(3), donations are tax deductible.

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