Wednesday, November 24, 2021



Clever Business Owners Ward Off Looters With Kyle Rittenhouse Scarecrows

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Small business owners have devised a clever solution to the mostly-peaceful looting problem that has plagued retail stores in the nation’s democrat-run cities... Read more

Mark Ruffalo Donates $50 Million To Found Joseph Rosenbaum Elementary School

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Biden Announces He's Been Told He's Running Again In 2024

Wife Wants Very Specific Gift For Christmas And Also Wants Husband To Think Of It Himself

The Reality of Thanksgiving Hate EXPOSED

White House Says Everyone Can Save On Thanksgiving By Skipping It Since There Is Nothing To Be Thankful For

The 7 Most Woke Kids' Shows

Babylon's Best

Communists are using meaningless art, ugliness, and culture to destroy our civilization. Creative people need the tools to face this continuing battle. This book is for the artists who are rising up to shift and rebuild culture. Get it for you and the artist in your life.*

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How to tighten your church’s security. Evil can show up at any doorstep—even your place of worship. Are you prepared to protect your flock if an attacker enters your church? Do you know the legal ramifications involved with creating church safety teams? Download When a Wolf Attacks the Flock… The Authoritative Guide on Church Shooting Preparedness to learn the steps in keeping your church building safe.*

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