Tuesday, September 14, 2021



First look:
  • Biden wanders from script - White House cuts the video feed (again)
  • Exiting FDA scientists say booster shots not needed for most people
  • Honda, Toyota slam Dems' plan to help unions sell EVs with 
  • Sec of State Blinken in contentious House hearing

Biden wanders from script... suddenly the video feed is cut 

HeadlineWhite House livestream cuts Biden mid-sentence as he goes off script​

The First take: If this were the first time it happened, we would be more likely to excuse the cutting of the feed as an error. But, it is the third time in recent weeks something like this has happened. And, last week we learned Biden staffers admit to being nervous whenever the president speaks live. Apparently with good reason!

Follow the science? Exiting FDA scientists say "boosters" not needed

HeadlineTwo Outgoing FDA Scientists, Other Experts: Vaccines Remain Effective, Boosters Not Needed For General Public Right Now

The First take: Another day, yet another COVID contradiction. We note these two SCIENTISTS are saying the science is telling us booster shots are not needed for most of us. What is going on?

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Honda and Toyota raise red flags over Dems EV giveaway to unions

HeadlineHonda, Toyota reject Democrat's pro-union electric car subsidy plan

The First take: We're big fans of capitalism and free markets. The Biden Administration and autoworkers unions are apparently afraid of American electric cars competing with Honda and Toyota's EVs. (We also wonder why ANY electric car needs a big GOV'T stimulus?)

Blinken battered in House hearing. He'll face the Senate today

Headline‘Debacle’ and ‘betrayal’: Blinken ripped for Afghanistan failures in rancorous House hearing

The First take: Can you imagine the questions Secretary of State Blinken would have faced if the GOP still had the majority? 

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