Tuesday, September 14, 2021




Politico: Biden’s Ancestors Owned Slaves  

By Matt Philbin | Sep 14, 2021

Politico: Biden’s Ancestors Owned Slaves

Talk about burying the lead! Politico has discovered that Joe Biden’s ancestors owned slaves, but tucks it away in 35 paragraphs deep in a vast fluff piece titled: “How Joe Biden Became Irish. ”Blarney Joe has...


NY Hospital To Stop Baby Deliveries As Vax-Mandates Cause Employees To Leave

By P. Gardner Goldsmith | Sep 14, 2021

In what could be a harbinger of things to come, a NY hospital plans to pause baby deliveries due to the vast number of employees leaving because of jab mandates. Lewis County General Hospital will stop...

Social Justice Hypocrite AOC Attends Met Gala With ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress

By Gabriel Hays | Sep 14, 2021

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sure is an expert grifter. The U.S. congresswoman from the Bronx and socialist sweetheart is now schmoozing it up at the most high-profile, elitist events on the planet, rubbing elbows with the wealthiest,...

Pedro Martinez Claims He Was Denied MVP Award By "Racist Writers"

By John Simmons | Sep 14, 2021

Pedro Martinez had a season for the ages in 1999. That season, he led the American League in strikeouts, earned run average, and wins, which is no small feat. He was widely considered a top...

Congress, Judicial Branch, Exempted From Biden Jab Mandate

By P. Gardner Goldsmith | Sep 14, 2021

Over the past year, we have seen numerous examples of political hypocrisy when it comes to government COVID-19 edicts. From breaches of their own mask mandates and “social distancing” rules, to careless disregard for their own...

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