Friday, September 23, 2022



The Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The last two and a half years should have revealed to everyone how we are disrespected and hated. Children and Adults died completely alone. Dedicated nurses were threatened and persecuted with the loss of a job for not being vaccinated. People were blackmailed and bribed into medical interventions which have now been proven to not be at all safe.

By Shirley Edwards

The Cult of Kalergi: The Planned Replacement of the European Peoples

The great majority of Europe's elites, both Christian and secular, are committed to Coudenhove-Kalergi's goal of replacing European man. It will be left to populists and right-wingers like Victor Orban of Hungary, Marine LePen of France and hopefully many more patriots that will arise to save White Europeans and Christians from the invasion and extermination that has been planned and enabled by the elites and is already well underway.

By Sidney Secular

My Message to the Traitors - I Will Not Comply

We must resist this unconstitutional occupation by a private, foreign corporate entity pretending to be our National Government in every LAWFUL way! The following is what I am doing. I pray that American Citizens have the courage to emulate me.

By Andrew Wallace

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