Friday, September 23, 2022



Fellow Nevadan,

The guilty often project their misdeeds on others when they are unwilling to acknowledge any wrongdoing of their own.

It’s recently been brought to my attention that an ethics complaint was just filed against my opponent Zach Conine for unlawfully keeping his business dealings from Nevadans. As it turns out, Conine is listed as the President and Director for Nevada Capital Investment Corporation, a questionable business whose address is listed as the Nevada State Treasurer’s office. 

If Conine is doing business out of the same office where Nevadans’ public funds are managed, why wasn’t this information disclosed to residents as state law requires?
It takes willful action to disclose a business connection with two entities while leaving out an association with a business which appears to have access in managing upwards of $50 million of our state funds.

The great irony here is that Zach Conine recently filed an ethics complaint against me for not disclosing my association with a trivial business that originated from an idea written on a napkin, and went no further than the initial filing. I forgot all about it until it was brought to my attention, and then I addressed it promptly. 

Given the realization that Conine now stands accused of keeping his business dealings from Nevadans, he needs to step up and clear the air about this omission in his own filings.

The people of Nevada may put up with omissions of error, but they are absolutely not going to be amenable to their elected officials being caught up in business dealings that are hidden in the dark shrouded from public view – especially if they emanate from the Treasurer's office. 

When elected as Treasurer, how I manage Nevadans’ public funds will not be a secret shrouded from residents!

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For Nevada,

Councilwoman Michele Fiore
RNC Committeewoman
Candidate for Nevada Treasurer
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