Friday, September 23, 2022



Larry Elder's Next Documentary ‘Has the Potential to Change Race Relations’ in America

Breitbart latest newsCruz Deals Blow to Free Speech in America... Bailout for Corrupt Legacy Media... Bokhari: Why Cruz-Klobuchar Amendment Doesn't Fix JCPA...

...Praises Klobuchar, Votes to Get Bill out of Committee

Biden to Introduce “Biden Bucks”?Biden to Introduce “Biden Bucks”?

Breitbart latest newsChildless Abrams Spreads Disinfo: Fetal Heartbeat 'Manufactured Sound' to Outlaw Abortion

Pro-Abortion Media Admit Unborn Babies Are Human Beings with Senses and Emotions... Fetuses Like Carrots and Hate Kale!

Breitbart latest newsExclusive — Nancy Mace: Select Committee 'Absolutely' an Option to Probe the 'Big Guy'

Breitbart latest newsExclusive — Larry Elder: 'Uncle Tom II' Exposes How BLM Is 'Destroying What Made America Great and Using Blacks as a Means to Do So'

Breitbart latest newsTexas Judge Lowers Capital Murder Bond to $9K — Suspect Released for $900

Breitbart latest newsCalifornia Will Allow Human Composting After Death to Combat Climate Change

Breitbart latest newsPrivate School Diversity Director Resigns Following Breitbart Exposé of Anti-White Comments

WATCH: Michigan Attorney General Calls for 'Drag Queen in Every School'

Breitbart latest newsBig Brain Moment: Anti-Queen Protesters Vandalize Wrong Building

Breitbart latest newsDirector Promises Homosexuality in 'Wizard of Oz' Remake


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