Monday, July 4, 2022

Why Is America So Divided?

 From: John Porter

To: Americans everywhere

        First allow me to describe myself: I am white, conservative, straight, male, born in The United States. I believe in the existence of God Jehovah and His son Jesus, our Constitutional Republic and individual freedom.

        YOU KNOW FOLKS, I was never concerned that some people were L or B or G or T or Q until they began organizing into groups and shoving it down MY throat. I was never concerned what color people were, until those of a different color began organizing into groups and blaming ME for their problems, was never concerned about their political affiliation, until they began condemning ME for mine. I was really never concerned about where they were born, until they began organizing into groups and wanted to erase MY history, and blame MY ancestors for their problems. You know, I never even cared that many people's beliefs were different from mine, until they began preaching that MY beliefs were wrong. But, thanks to them, my patience and tolerance have been destroyed, and I am now very much concerned and care a great deal. And I am not alone in feeling like this.
        I am convinced these things are precisely why we are such a divided nation today. There are millions of us who feel this way, and the number is steadily growing.
Thank you. John Porter
Harrison, Arkansas

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