Monday, July 4, 2022



The America I Grew Up In
Before you start the barbecues and fireworks, watch this six-minute video, and ask the Lord for help in resurrecting the marvelous America we once had. Won’t you take just a few minutes every day to bend your knees to the Lord and ask for Him to give us wisdom and guidance in saving our beloved country?
By Kelleigh Nelson
July 4th 1776 and 2022—America Then and Now
On this July 4th 2022, 246th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence and the birth day of our United States of America, and on every day, we Americans ought to remember, honor, emulate and give thanks for the patriots of July 4th 1776 — from Gen. George Washington, the Father of Our Country, to the least ranked unknown soldier of the Revolutionary Army, whose service and sacrifice created our freedom.
By Attorney Rees Lloyd
Congress Does NOT Care About Seniors
I turned 73 last week and am a widow. I can tell you stopping taxing my SS benefits would go a long way for my monthly budget. If you’re a senior you know what I’m talking about and if you’re not and God willing you live a long and happy life, one day you will also apply for your benefits you’ve already paid taxes on only to be taxed again.
By Devvy Kidd
Redeclaring Independence in 2022
If We the People will pick up the Constitution, read it, and study it, we’ll find that our subjection to Washington, D.C., is not the law, but a result of our own actions. Washington, D.C.’s power is as fake as the emperor’s clothes in the Hans Christian Anderson story. Isn’t it time others join me in pointing out just how naked the government in Washington, D.C. really is?
By Paul Engel
Part 3: What Do We Do About The Homeless In America? Are There Any Answers?
If you look at cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago…you’re watching dying cities. It’s amazing to me that we saw Detroit, Michigan “die” in the 80’s and 90’s from lawless tribalism by minorities, and now, we’re seeing it repeat in our other big cities.
By Frosty Wooldridge

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