Wednesday, February 15, 2023



Wednesday, February 15th, 2023


Del Bigtree Fights for Freedom

James Kluttz

Will The Turkish Earthquake Unleash Science From The Shackles of the Statisticians?

Matthew J.L. Ehret

‘Brave Ukrainians Doing Dirty Work’, Ex-Pentagon Chief Says in Prank Call

RT News

The Vatican Assault on Religious Life Claims More Victims

Mary Cuff

The Largest Environmental Disaster in US History?

Alexandra Bruce

French Historian: World War III Has Already Begun

Paul Joseph Watson

The Federal Government Is Tracking the Unvaccinated

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Whatever They Decide These UFOs Are, the Answer Will Be More US Militarism

Caitlin Johnstone

When the Private Sector Is the Enemy

Ryan McMaken

The Big Stiff: Russia-Iran Dump the Dollar and Bust US Sanctions

Pepe Escobar

The New Normal: Death Spirals and Speculative Frenzies

Charles Hugh Smith

Airforce Spent Millions To Shoot Down A Failed U.S. Weather Balloon – Biden Is Happy It Did So

Moon of Alabama

Political Theatre

LRC Blog

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