Wednesday, February 15, 2023



Lindsey Graham Proposes A 'DREAM Act' Amnesty For Nearly 2 Million Illegal Aliens

It's been almost three months since the midterms and campaign promises are fading away from the minds. It's the perfect time for some GOP members to stab their voters in the back.

US Military Readiness Under Scrutiny After Aerial Incursions

It is a historic time for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the joint American-Canadian organization responsible for overseeing North American airspace and its defense, which in its 65-year history had never before shot down an aerial object over North America.

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Balloon Shoot-Down Story Shifting From Top Gun Tale To 'Whoops'
The U.S. government says it is examining the China-owned spy balloon that was shot down and retrieved from the Atlantic, which could shed light on China's motives and its surveillance capabilities, but looming in the background is a drip-drip confession fighter jets may ...

Ohio Town To Take Resident Questions On Derailment, Chemicals
And there are still plenty of questions -- about the huge plumes of smoke, the persisting odors, the reports of sick or dead animals, the potential impact on drinking water, all the cleaning up. Even as school has resumed and trains are rolling by again, things aren't the same.

Trump Plays The 'Loyalty' Card On DeSantis
Echoing the words last week of Arkansas Governor Sarah Sanders, Donald Trump says what the Biden administration is doing is "crazy" -- and is destroying America. But he also dumped on a fellow Republican who could possibly be his biggest hurdle for a second term. During an interview on American Family ...

US Says Chinese Balloon Sensor, Electronic Pieces Recovered From Debris
The United States military has claimed to have recovered the "priority sensor and electronics pieces" of the suspected Chinese spy balloon from the Atlantic Ocean days after it shot down the flying object off the coast of South Carolina.

Lies From Big Tech And 'The Big Guy'
The constant trickle of lies coming out of Washington became a gusher this past week, compliments of some former Twitter execs and our own chief executive, Joe Biden. We'll look below at President Biden's State of the Union speech. But first, Big Tech took center stage at a House ...

Egg Prices Soar Over 70 Percent As Inflation Report Shocks In Some Food Categories
The latest government inflation data showed that price pressures remained shockingly high in certain categories, with egg prices up over 70 percent in annualized terms while many food categories were up ...

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Black National Anthem At Super Bowl Stirs Controversy

Tough-Talking GOP Urged To Play 'Hard Ball' Over Illegal Immigration

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