Monday, September 5, 2022

Minutemen faced off Mexican Cartel "PSYOPS ASSAULT" right at the U.S./ Mexican border fence road

 Submitted by: Stewart Reeves

Minutemen , right  at the border fence  rpad mext tp it,  and  behind  us (in day time) our
 over looking  the start  of the U.S.  La Gloria  Canyon, a major   Mexican Cartel  smuggling 
route that started there and  went north  into the U.S. !!

Together, we\ four Minutemen  (volunteer lawful border watchers)  endured   a  very professionally
 lead  Psyops  (Psychological  Operations)   assault   by a very  large number   of   Mexican cartel 
 financed ( ! ), hired  expertly lead  "gringo" goons. !!!!!
Their motive ? 
 We had cost the Mexican cartel dearly via interfering with  their  smuggling of  narcotics and
 people   into the U.S. !

 Much to their frustration, with out flinching,   endured  the following for hours , and a  number of moonless nights.

Much to their  frustration , we prevailed with  suffering no  casualties , nor any drugs or  illegals' 
getting by us. into the U.S. !

 Interesting to us,---we never saw  one  USBP Agent  during any of this !!
 My guess ? They simply didn't have the Agents to do so , OR ????

Together, the   Minutemen  volunteers prevailed for more nights  of the same. location  


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