Thursday, September 22, 2022

 Buckle up, Friends -- Democrats are NOT going to like this: Sean Hannity dropped a major bombshell about John Durham’s investigation:

“The FBI paid a Russian man with ties to Moscow’s Intel Agency for 3 years to be a confidential informant against Donald Trump AND IT GOES DEEPER. This individual was the primary source for Christopher Steele’s dirty Russian disinformation dossier that Hillary Clinton paid for and is now on trial for lying to the FBI!” -- Sean Hannity

Special Counsel John Durham is putting the finishing touches on his case to expose all of this to the light of day. Many are calling this the TRIAL OF THE CENTURY and Sean Hannity is covering all of it.

But not everyone is. In fact, Democrats and the Liberal Media are doing everything they can to discredit his investigation and sweep it all under the rug.

It’s going to take an OVERWHELMING response to fight back. Will you go on the record with your support for Durham’s investigation right now?


If it weren’t for Conservative heroes like Sean Hannity and yourself, we’d never get to the bottom of the plot to undermine President Trump and SPY on his campaign. Will you join the THOUSANDS of American Patriots from across the country and support John Durham’s investigation?


Official Durham Trial Notice
Sent via Team Scalise

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