Friday, August 5, 2022


MSNBC guest says Herschel Walker is 'what Republicans want from their Negroes'

For the first time in Georgia's history, both Democrats and Republicans have nominated a Black man for the U.S. Senate.

This is indeed historic and speaks to the greatness of America's experiment with democracy. Less than 70 years ago, people like Senator Raphael Warnock and me were not able to attend the same schools as white children.

Now, we're running against one another – two Black men – in what is shaping up to be the most competitive Senate race of the entire 2022 midterm elections. Fox News has even gone so far as to say, "The U.S. Senate race in Georgia is key for determining control of the upper house next year."

That may be where the similarities end.

If you've read recent emails from my campaign, you'll recall that a far-Left columnist – and a regular guest on MSNBC – has trained his fire on me. Since April, he has lobbed multiple racial epithets against me that are offensive to me personally and to the entire Black community.

In the past, he said:

"Herschel Walker's candidacy is a white insult to Black people."


"I make a hard distinction between black conservatives and these tokens (I.E. HERSCHEL WALKER AND TIM SCOTT), who are out here right now, shucking and jiving for their white handlers."

This week, he went on MSNBC and lobbed his most disgusting attack yet:
"Walker is doing what he's told, and that is what Republicans like. That's what Republicans want from their Negroes: to do what they're told."

Shame on him for saying it, and shame on MSNBC for airing it.

Despite these racially based insults making national news, Senator Warnock has said nothing.

Unfortunately, Senator Warnock's silence is deafening.

If you believe that Senator Warnock should condemn these vile attacks and MSNBC should apologize for airing them, would you please add your name to our petition?


It puzzles me that Senator Warnock has failed to condemn any of the overtly racist attacks or that he has failed to condemn MSNBC for giving this racial commentator a platform.

In fact, it also puzzles me why Senator Warnock continues to give interviews on MSNBC despite the racist attacks they air against me.

Please join me in demanding answers from Senator Warnock. These racist attacks must not be allowed to continue. He must condemn them.

Thank you for standing with me.

Herschel Walker


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