Tuesday, July 5, 2022



Weather Modification, Another Way to Starve Americans
In 1962, President Lyndon Baines Johnson said, “He who controls the weather will control the world.” The Great Reset, the New World Order, and ultimately United Nations Agenda 21/30 are one and the same thing, the godless control of humanity by Luciferian forces. Their goal is depopulation and the enslavement of remaining humanity.
By Kelleigh Nelson
America’s Fight To Stay Free, Part 2
The only reason we need a reset is because the people who want total control don’t have total control and they believe that this is the only way they can get it. America has to be taken down for them to be able to accomplish this. The only way America can be taken down is for the American people to be disarmed.
By Pastor Roger Anghis
Producing Paltry Prospects For an Educated Populace
A report from Northwestern University in an Associated Press article indicates that local newspapers in the US are dying at the rate of two per week. The report further says that there has been new growth in digital alternatives "but not enough to compensate for what has been lost".
By Sidney Secular

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