Wednesday, July 6, 2022

 Submitted by: Ruth Hammons
"TruckPocalypse" begins in California this week as 70,000 truckers forced off the roads
Mike Adams

The California Truckers Association is warning that 70,000 independent truck owner-operators will be taken off the roads of California later this week as a draconian new law, "AB-5" kicks in.

The new law goes into effect this week and is expected to cause widespread logjams, cost increases and delays to transportation across America.

America's logistics infrastructure is crumbling. And with diesel engine oil additives in short supply and expected to run out in about 7 weeks, a huge question looms over America: How will food, coal, spare parts and consumer goods get delivered anywhere?

Get the full details in today's feature article and podcast here.

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Situation Update, July 5, 2022 - "Truckpocalypse" begins in California this week as 70,000 truckers forced off the roads

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