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Building an Abortion-Free America
Women's Med Dayton Abortionist Calls Medical Emergency "Non-emergent"
Abortionist Catherine Romanos made a 911 call on May 20, 2022, from Women’s Med Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. In a cheerful tone, she stated, “We have a non-emergent ambulance transfer to Miami Valley Hospital.”

“Ok, and what’s it for?” asked the dispatcher.

“Um…Ehhhhhh… patient is…well, she’s stable, but she needs to go to the emergency room, for abdominal pain,” Romanos responded.

“Abdominal pain?” asked the dispatcher

“Yes” (barely audible), Romanos responded. “How long you think?”

“What do you mean,” the dispatcher asked, sounding a little confused. “Before we get there? A few minutes maybe.”

The dispatcher’s confused tone is understandable. Why would the caller be concerned about the timeliness of the ambulance’s arrival for a “non-emergent” transfer?

ICYMI: Baltimore Planned Parenthood Hiding a Hemorrhage...Again

Baltimore, MD – On May 20, 2022, shortly after noon, an ambulance arrived at Baltimore Health Center – Planned Parenthood. A sidewalk counselor captured video of the emergency medical personnel’s arrival, as well as a patient being loaded into the emergency vehicle on a gurney.

But when Operation Rescue requested the 911 recording of the obvious medical emergency, a recording was provided of an altogether different incident – a woman who had coffee spilled inside her bag of belongings by the facility’s escort.

Operation Rescue later obtained a radio dispatch recording for the timeframe surrounding the sidewalk counselor’s documentation, and we were able to glean more information about the medical emergency. The dispatcher described it as a “hemorrhage case” involving a 32-year-old female.


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