Saturday, February 11, 2023



Weekend Edition, February 11-12, 2023


Why the 1787 Constitution Did Not Bring Republican Government to America

Ryan McMaken

Let’s Get Ahead of Their Sinister Plans

Tom Woods

The Pain of Listening To Twitter Censorship Testimony

Dr Naomi Wolf

America’s Loss of Toughness Enabled Coronamania

Mark Oshinskie

Were Vikings in South America Over 400 Years Before Columbus?

Ancient Origins Unleashed

Conversation Overheard at Davos in a World Economic Forum Side-Room

Walter Gelles

Satanic Grammy Awards…Brought to You by Pfizer

Kennedy Hall

ChatGPT: Who Will Guard AI From the Woke Guardians?

Robert Bridge

Comity Comedy

Brian Wilson

Bill Gates Makes 10x Investment on mRNA Vaccines

Dr. Joseph Mercola

What Can We Learn From the Biggest Lies People Believed About Covid?

Brandon Smith

Zelensky Lashes Out After Starlink Cuts Off Ukrainian Drones

Tyler Durden

Political Theatre

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