Monday, September 19, 2022


Well, another shoe just dropped.

The Washington Examiner has been all over this groundbreaking story. Here’s their latest headline: 

FBI botched investigation into anti-Trump dossier source, Durham says

According to John Durham, despite Igor Danchenko -- the main source of the debunked Steel dossier – allegedly lying in a federal investigation, and working as a Russian agent… he was on the FBI’s payroll. Don’t forget: this was the same Steel dossier that led directly to the anti-Trump Russia Hoax.

It’s now crystal clear those who botched this investigation, paved the way for the Russia Hoax, and peddled lies about President Trump for years were politically motivated Trump-hating operatives. And they must be held accountable.

John Durham is turning over every stone and putting the finishing touches on his investigation. Buckle up, Patriot – this will be the trial of the century. Do you stand with John Durham’s investigation?

Go on record right now before the trial:

Sign On: I Support
John Durham's Investigation >>

We are already seeing the Democrats scrambling to cover up this massive story as John Durham wraps up his case…

That’s why we need another 1,000,000 Americans to go on record in support of this important investigation. If we can rally that much support right now, it will be impossible for the Democrats to cover up this story.

Everyone in America will know about it.

For the love of our country, please do your part and help us protect the truth.

Thank you,

Breaking John Durham Updates
From House GOP

Can you keep this between us? Pollsters, pundits, and the media are saying the unthinkable -- Pelosi and the Democrats have a chance to defeat us. And with hundreds of millions of dollars in their war chest to spend attacking us -- they're going ALL IN. 

We'll say it straight: we're being outraised. And if we sit here and do nothing, Pelosi and the Democrats will buy this election from under us. If you’ve been waiting to step up, now is the time. Everything President Trump worked so hard to build -- our Conservative Supreme Court Majority, a secure border, a booming economy, HIS ENTIRE LEGACY -- is on the line.

We still have time to turn things around, but we need to act fast. Whether we win or lose will come down to what you do in this moment. 

--Steve Scalise, House Republican Whip
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Team Scalise is committed to restoring a Conservative House majority and electing Conservatives across the country. Thank you for being a part of our movement. This message was sent to because you are a member of the Team Scalise Conservative grassroots network.

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