Tuesday, September 6, 2022



Our 45th President Lacked the Ability to Discern

Then why were the majority of people in President Trump’s administration from the Deep State? Only a handful were truly Constitutional Conservatives. Americans know who they were, General Michael T. Flynn, Peter Navarro, Dr. Scott Atlas, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Ben Carson and a few others, but the list of swamp creatures was far greater.

By Kelleigh Nelson


Is the Establishment Trying to Goad Trumpists in De Facto Civil War?

We are, indeed, in a battle for “the soul of America.” I call it the narrative war, and whether it will explode from being a war primarily of words into something much hotter, remains to be seen. I think the Bidenistas may be trying to provoke acts of violence, acts that can and will be used against anyone who takes the bait.

By Steven Yates


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