Friday, September 23, 2022



This RISING STAR and voice for the Hispanic Community needs your help taking a border district back from Democrat rule!
Michele Pena – our write-in candidate who this team rallied behind to help finish strong and make it on the General Election ballot – is an exciting candidate, 4th Generation Yuman, and daughter of an immigrant who understands the needs of our local Hispanic communities here in AZ (hint: it’s not being called ‘tacos!’).

Michele is an absolute fighter for freedom who will champion conservative values in the State Legislature. GOD, COUNTRY, and FAMILY are why she is in this race, and why she will be a fantastic leader representing Southwestern Arizona!

She knows the current state of our economy is a mess, the attacks on our children must end, and local issues must be prioritized – Michele Pena is ready to deliver on all of these fronts and MORE!

Thanks to our hard-working friends over at Operation Vamos!, Hispanic outreach is increasing every day in Arizona as we canvass neighborhoods and partner with STRONG candidates.

And Michele Pena is PRECISELY one of those candidates! She’s one of THOUSANDS of members of the Hispanic community in our state who are becoming FED UP with failed Democrat leadership!

And now, Michele is ready to deliver a change this year in LD-23. Will you help us provide support and momentum for her campaign today? Rush in below – proceeds will help this great candidate defeat the out-of-touch Democrat agenda and deliver a tremendous victory for Southwest Arizona!
Thank you for supporting another one of our STRONG candidates,
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