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BREAKING NEWS! Harry Reid calls Tea Party 'Fanatics,' 'Anarchists' ...Read the latest now on

ACTION: We’re all affected. The I.R.S. is now the enforcer of ObamaCare, nothing less than a strong-arm technique to muscle the people into obedience. ‘We The People’ demand Congress strikes down ObamaCare NOW! The Obamacare resistance movement is starting with citizens and businesses and religious leaders and states. This is the last chance to kill ObamaCare and protect freedom!

The Tea Party wants to send this urgent and personalized Blast Fax message to ALL 100 U.S. Senators AND ALL 435 U.S. Representatives at their DC offices.

Are you ready to be counted in our fight to Restore America?


 Submitted by: Donald Hank

State Senator Charlie Janssen Addresses FAIR Rally For Raped-Murdered 93-Year-Old Grandmother By An Illegal Alien (at

Charlie Janssen gave the following remarks Friday, September 13 at a rally sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform in support of the family of Louise Sollowin, a 93 year-old woman who was raped and murdered by an illegal alien in July.

CONSERVATIVE 50 PLUS 09'/23/2013

Urgent Request on Obamacare
Sep 23, 2013 09:16 am 


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COWBOYBYTE 09/23/2013

Hillary Unfit for Presidency

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president because of her role in the Benghazi scandal when she was Secretary of State on Fox News Sunday. In an interview with Fox News anchor Shannon Bream, … Continue reading

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MUTH'S TRUTHS 09/23/2013


On Women’s Equality Day - established by liberals to promote the notion that “women of the United States have been treated as second-class citizens and have not been entitled the full rights and privileges, public or private, legal or institutional, which are available to male citizens of the United States” – Nevada Democrat congressional candidate Erin Bilbray-without-the-Kohn demonstrated her equality with male Democrats all across America by…

Lying through her teeth.

In a fundraising pitch commemorating passage of the 19th amendment, Bilbray-without-the-Kohn falsely accused her political opponent, Republican Rep. Joe Heck, of supporting paying women less money to do the same job as men, wanting pre-teen girls to die of a sexually-transmitted disease, wanting to throw rape victims in jail instead of rapists, supporting domestic violence and opposing giving women “access to affordable health care.”

“Rep. Heck is no advocate for women’s equality, choice, or health,” Bilbray-without-the-Kohn intoned.  “Instead of moving us forward; Rep. Heck is turning back the hands of time on women’s rights.  Enough is enough.”

CLASH DAILY 09/23/2013

 Political Correctness and Stupid Policies Yielded Up The Navy Yard Massacre Is anyone else ticked that we’ve all been forced to know the now-dead-and-in-hell piece of shiitake named Aaron Alexis? However livid we may be, I’m sure it can’t compare to the rage the family members […] ... READ MORE

HEY JACK: High School Forces Student To Remove ‘Duck Dynasty’ Shirt, It Was Deemed ‘Threatening’ DINWIDDIE, Va. (CBSDC) — A Virginia high school wasn’t “happy, happy, happy” with a “Duck Dynasty” t-shirt one student wore to class recently. According to WWBT-TV, Dinwiddie High School forced Hunter Spain to remove ... READ MORE 



Gun Control Advocates Losing Ground in the States

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Featured - Monday, September 23, 2013
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BEFORE ITS NEWS 09/23/2013

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Obama Touts Gun Control During Navy Yard Memorial

CURATOR: John Rolls. 'It ought to obsess us, it ought to lead to some sort of transformation' WND (POLITICO) The best way to memorialize the 12 killed at the Navy Yard massacre, President Barack Obama said Sunday, is by enacting the new gun control laws he seeks. Speaking at a memorial...


Update from Iceland: Our Spy-Proof Communications Service Now Being Set up Here Offshore to Protect Your Privacy

CONTRIBUTOR: Chris Kitze. Before we left for Iceland, where the government protects the privacy of customers's data, I gave Russia Today an exclusive interview. In this interview, I revealed the NSA's infiltration of personal privacy and why we made the decision to move offsore. Plus, I lay out our plans for making our...


Godless Left Runs Amok In Europe and America
September 23, 2013
By Don Feder

       When Dostoyevsky said "If God does not exist, then everything is permitted," he didn't mean everything as in raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but everything like mass murder and torture chambers – or, for that really close shave – la guillotine, dubbed France's national razor.

       Heirs of the Terror, the French left are at it again.

       The socialist government of Francois Hollande will shortly be posting a set of 15 secular principles in all 55,000 French public schools. Article 9 thereof states: "Secularism implies the rejection of all violence and all discrimination, guarantees equality between girls and boys. There is a separation of the private and public sphere." Which usually means: The public sphere can interfere with the private sphere, but not the reverse.


Video: 68 Dead In Coordinated Kenyan Mall Terrorist Attack

Sep 23, 2013 12:20 pm


Watch the Video and Comment: Video: 68 Dead In Coordinated Kenyan Mall Terrorist Attack


ICYMI: Compassion for Immigrants. By Robert A. Hall
Guest Post: Why Advisors Can Be Important
Private donations give edge to Islamists in Syria, officials say
Excerpt: The stream of U.S. weapons heading to moderate rebel groups in Syria is being offset by a fresh torrent of cash for Islamist extremists, much of it from small networks of Arab donors who see the Syrian conflict as a step toward a broader Islamist uprising across the region, U.S. and Middle Eastern officials say. (There, a moderate is someone who won’t kill you and other infidels such as the local Christians and Alawites himself, but will cheer and than Allah when the extremists do. ~Bob
Lower Health Insurance Premiums to Come at Cost of Fewer Choices
Excerpt: Federal officials often say that health insurance will cost consumers less than expected under President Obama’s health care law. But they rarely mention one big reason: many insurers are significantly limiting the choices of doctors and hospitals available to consumers. (New York Times: Wait, Obamacare Has a Big Downside We Forgot to Mention. -- Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt)


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Obama Says Fight for Gun Laws ‘Ought to Obsess Us’

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Pelosi: Nothing left to cut in budget – ‘the cupboard is bare’
Liberal Parenting Is the Cause of Many Social ProTOP STORIES


1. U.S. Government Is Insolvent
Eric Sprott - Greg Hunter Video

2. All Hell Is Going To Break Loose! Tragic, Frightening,
Crippling & Almost Here! Are You Ready? (Video)


Submitted by: Joan Biz

         We hang petty thieves and appoint the great thieves to public office.
                  ~Aesop, Greek slave & fable author

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.~Plato, ancient Greek Philosopher

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.~Nikita Khrushchev, Russian Soviet politician 

ALT 09/23/2013

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Quantitative Easing Worked For The Weimar Republic For A Little While Too
There is a reason why every fiat currency in the history of the world has eventually failed...
Britain Considered Putting Troops on the Streets in 2008 Financial Crisis Well it's Worse Now
According to excerpts taken from his book, ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown feared anarchy during the 2008 crisis...


Submitted by Suzanne

How important is the media? How much damage can result when they don't fulfill their responsibilities? The press is the only private institution the founding fathers included in the Constitution. Obviously they recognized its importance.
If the media had fulfilled its critically important duties, Barack Obama would not have been elected or reelected president. The media is not motivated by professionalism and integrity but rather by fear, prejudice, guilt, and bias.
The mainstream media has a kind of inverted colorblindness. Their form of colorblindness causes them to see nothing but color. More specifically, it means they cannot see anything but a person's skin color.
The foremost beneficiary of their malady is Barack Obama. He is president today because the media and many voters could not see anything but the color of his skin.

JIHAD WATCH 09/23/2013

Sep 22, 2013 09:47 pm | Robert
"War is deceit," said Muhammad. But to take him at his word would be "Islamophobic." "VIDEO: Iranian president brags about deceiving the West," by Reza Kahlili for the Daily Caller, September 22: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has gone on a charm offensive lately with multiple interviews with American media...

Sep 22, 2013 05:47 pm | Robert
"This will end tonight. Our forces will prevail. Kenyans are standing firm against aggression, and we will win." "Kenyan forces say they rescued 'most' hostages," by Jason Straziuso and Tom Odula for the Associated Press, September 22: NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Kenyan's military said late Sunday it had rescued "most"...


Submitted by: Sandra

The CIA Manchurian Candidate Groomed by Communists to Destroy America

September 22, 2013
Dave Hodges
September 22, 2013
The Common Sense Show
Former FBI Weatherman Task Force supervisor, Max Noel, noted that the FBI utilized a CARL test when it conducted background checks on various suspects. The acronym CARL stands for Character, Associates, Reputation, and Loyalty is used to assess candidates fitness to hold the highest office in the country. On each of these four points of power, Obama fails and fails miserably. Like many FBI law enforcement agents and officials, Noel was alarmed by the fact that someone like Barack Obama could capture the presidency. For some unexplained reason, Obama was never vetted before he became a candidate for the presidency by the FBI. This is an unacceptable result of our national security system and is wholly suggestive of internal plot to allow the installation of a blatantly communist advocate into the highest political position in America.
Today, many people have been in a position to now vet the President after Obama’s first five years in office and observed his “ fundamental transformation of America (Preview) “. This particular series will continue to connect the dots of the secretive and nefarious communist background of Barack Hussein Obama.


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500 Broken Obama Promises

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SENATE UPDATE 09/23/2013

Fellow Conservatives:

This is an urgent action alert for every American who opposes Obamacare.

Harry Reid (D-NV)The U.S. Senate will vote to fund Obamacare this week and we need your help to stop it.

Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has a procedural plan to fund Obamacare with only 50 votes, but first he needs at least 6 Republicans to vote for "cloture" to approve the process.

According to numerous sources, some Republicans support Harry Reid's scheme and plan to vote for cloture so the Democrats can fund Obamacare.

These Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs) believe they can support Harry Reid's rigged process without being held responsible for the outcome everyone knows it will produce -- namely the funding of Obamacare.

We must act now to let Senate Republicans know we won't be fooled.

A vote for cloture is a vote to fund Obamacare, and any Republican who lets the Democrats fund Obamacare should be defeated in their next election.


Pelosi: Anti-Obamacare Republicans are 'legislative arsonists'
image With little more than a week before a budget stalemate over Obamacare sets off a government shutdown, Democrats and Republicans dug in deeper Sunday, with lawmakers increasingly looking, pre-emptively, to pin blame on the other side.

Secession drive gathers steam in rural Colorado
image Jennifer Weichel stood scowling behind the counter of her antique shop, in front of a life-size cutout of John Wayne, and fairly spat the word out: "Used!" It's how, she said, people in rural northern Colorado feel they're treated by those in Denver and its sprawling suburbs, the ones with all the political power, who think milk comes from a carton and meat arrives magically shrink-wrapped inside the butcher case.


GOOD RIDDANCE: Professor calling for murder of NRA members’ children placed on leave
GOOD RIDDANCE: Professor calling for murder of NRA members’ children placed on leave The nutty professor who tweeted his hope that children of National Rifle Association members were the next murder victims of a mass shooter was placed on “indefinite administrative leave” Friday. Amidst national outcry, even ... READ MORE
PENIS AMPUTATED: Man Tries to Impress Girlfriend, Overdoes on Viagara, Costing Him His Penis A man from southern Colombia had to have his penis amputated after he allegedly overdosed on Viagra to impress his girlfriend. The 66-year-old man from Gigante, Colombia, whose name has not been released, told a […] ... READ MORE


Submitted by BobJen:

To: The National MiddleClass Network
These columns are not necessarily our views; more in fairness to both sides.
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From: John..."Put these NewsBriefers in a folder and use them against the enemy or training, as needed".
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BJ3: Always a good sign when trash rino traitors out themselves.
From: CommieBlaster
Professed "Obama Friend" RINO Sen. Coburn Says
"We Can't Defund Obamacare"

RedState Briefing 09/23/2013

Morning Briefing
For September 23, 2013

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1.  How John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are Funding Obamacare
Don’t be fooled by this political theater going on in Washington, DC. The fix is in and both sides are trying to fund ObamaCare while saving face.

The whole of House Republican Leadership thinks you are stupid. They have passed a bill that they know will be changed by Harry Reid before it goes back to the House in a few days. The smoking gun will happen when Boehner allows a Senate passed government funding measure to come up in the House minus the provision defunding ObamaCare. You wait and see.