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Dear Conservatives,

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, Congress is on vacation until after Labor Day. That means no Big Labor power grabs can be rammed through Congress over the next month.

The bad news is, the deal Harry Reid cut with John McCain and Lamar Alexander last month to give Barack Obama a fully-stocked National Labor Relations Board just got even worse

As you know, as part of that deal, Barack Obama agreed to drop the nominations of Sharon Block and Richard Griffin -- the two Board Members who continued issuing decisions even after multiple federal courts ruled their "recess" appointments were unconstitutional.

But they won't be out of work long.

The Obama Administration has announced Sharon Block will become a top aide to radical Labor Secretary Tom Perez. Her position isn't up for review by the Senate.


Submitted by: Debbie Beatty

Oakland Raider Fan Fatally Stabs Store Clerk 17 Times on a “Mission from Allah”

A man walks into a hardware store and fatally stabs a clerk 17 times all in the name of Allah. Does anyone else get tired of these stories? This did not happen in Egypt. This happened in California. Yet you will not be reading much about this from the mainstream media.
Contra Costa Times reports:
A 34-year-old Sacramento man who went to an El Sobrante hardware store on a “mission from Allah to help people” before fatally stabbing an employee 17 times was arraigned on murder charges Tuesday, prosecutors say.
Daymond Agnew, charged with murder with use of a knife in Sunday’s slaying of 49-year-old Daniel Joseph Stone, of Pinole, at Oliver’s Ace Hardware, did not enter a plea and was ordered to return to the Richmond courthouse on Aug. 13 with a public defender.
Agnew has been held in County Jail on $1.3 million bail since prosecutors say that — by sheer coincidence — he was captured in the store owner’s family home, located not far from the store at 4071 San Pablo Dam Road.

CHUCK KOLB 08/08/2013

The Illuminati Capital ASTANA Kazakhstan !!!

Astana is the first capital being built in the 21st century and it perfectly represents where the world is headed. It is truly one man’s vision:
Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan (yes Borat’s country, I know). Backed by billions of petrodollars, the city is being built from
scratch in a remote and deserted area of the Asian steppes. The result is astonishing: a futuristic occult capital, embracing the New World Order
while celebrating the most ancient religion known to man: Sun Worship. The city is still a huge construction site, but the buildings that are
already completed already sum up Nazarbayev’s occult vision ...

The Pyramid of Peace

For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.
Psalm 149:4 KJV



Democrat-Turned-Republican Announces ‘Free At Last’ PAC Because GOP Has ‘Conceded the Black Vote for Long Enough’
Aug 07, 2013 06:39 pm 


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1. 95 Yr Old WWII Veteran Killed After Being Tased & Shot By Police


2. Scary Thought For The Day


Featured - Thursday, August 8, 2013
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Submitted by: Donald Hank
Ex-Border Patrol Agents Warn: Politicians Helping Cartels in U.S. (Agent Chuck Jones)

In an open letter to the public in late July, several retired Border Patrol agents wrote on behalf of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers to warn that Mexican drug cartels are actively operating inside the United States spending millions every year to try to build their networks here. They argued that American politicians are protecting their activities as well.

“Transnational criminal enterprises have annually invested millions of dollars to create and staff international drug and human smuggling networks inside the United States; thus it is no surprise that they continue to accelerate their efforts to get trusted representatives in place as a means to guarantee continued success,” the Border Patrol agents wrote.


Tell Lawmakers to prevent Broadband, Email taxes
What if we told you that the internet itself in danger of being heavily taxed? We are not talking about taxes on internet purchases; we are talking about local, state, and federal governments levying taxes on internet access - your connection to the World Wide Web – and your email account.

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Schumer on House Immigration Efforts: ‘I actually am optimistic that we will get this done.’
Gang of Eight Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has rubber-stamped the House’s “piecemeal” approach to reforming immigration, adding that he is “optimistic” that the Senate and House will get immigration reform “done.” The Senate Gang Leader says the House’s forthcoming single-issue bills can be used when both chambers of Congress go into conference on immigration.

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Next Stop: Man-Boy “Love”
Enlightened libertines like to scoff and sneer at the notion of a “slippery slope.” Except if history has taught us anything it’s that the slippery slope is very real and very slick.

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A Soldier May Not Criticize Our Commandant. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Sorry, General Pershing, they were not the same kind of men. As good as soldiers were, men who wanted to be Marines were different. They have been since. And they still are, at least for a while longer, despite today's inane social experiments.

The American pill bug. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: Yet if we shut down our entireMiddle East public profile on the threat of terrorism, what will we do when more anti-American violence arises? Should we close more embassies for more days, or return home altogether? Apparently al-Qaeda did not get the message that the administration's euphemisms of "workplace violence," "overseas contingency operations," "man-caused disasters" and jihad as "a holy struggle" were intended as outreach to the global Muslim community.

Still not fonda Hanoi Jane. By Phillip Jennings and James S. Robbins
Excerpt: At the time she said, ““If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would someday become communist.” The idea of praying to an atheistic creed called into question whether Fonda herself understood the first thing about communism. But Fonda was an outspoken critic of the war effort at home and abroad, and her celebrity gave her access to the media and a fa├žade of credibility.

RENEW AMERICA 08/08/2013

August 8, 2013
BRYAN FISCHER — Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have created a petition which ordinary Americans like you and me can sign to insist that our elected representatives defund ObamaCare. As of the writing of this column, 274,921 fellow citizens have signed the "Don't Fund It" petition. You can be the next signer. And you can find out whether your senators intend to fund or defund ObamaCare, with a phone number to call so they can hear from their constituents. That would be you.... (more)

August 8, 2013
FRED HUTCHISON, RA ANALYST — Historically, Europe enjoyed three periods of rapid cultural advance: 1) 1050-1250 A.D., 2) 1375-1520, and 3) 1600-1750. During this seven-century developmental period, Western culture was vigorously advancing two-thirds of the time, and the culture was consolidating and preparing for the next advance one-third of the time... (more)

ACTIVIST POST 08/08/2013


Agenda 21 Writing Contest Update
Activist Post

New Death Squad Massacre Reported in Syria
Destabilization Expert Robert Ford Possible Choice for Ambassador to Egypt
Brandon Turbeville

Victim Disarmament Zone: Apt Mgmt Firm Prohibits Residents From
Owning Firearms and Weapons

Mac Slavo

1974 PSA Warned of High Tech Surveillance State for Behavior Control
Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton

Knocking off the citizens, one at a time: "Murder by Cop"
Ruth Hull

State-Sponsored Drug Awareness Seminars Spin the Truth
Sally Oh


Submitted by: Sandra 
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A. Ferguson, Editor

Immigration:   It Comes Down To This
Do we want to continue being the U. S. of A. ?
Nations are independent entities created, united and held together by common and predominant ethnic, language, social and legal structures. That accounts for the unique individuality and the differences from one to another between, for example, Paraguay, Uzbekistan, Finland, and Namibia.
History teaches us (or should do so) that discord and instability arise when nations lose those common bond elements. To prevent that, nations have borders to identify and control those specific areas where their laws apply and where their sovereignty prevails, thus preventing the dilution or even worse, the loss, of those common bond elements that hold them together.


Today's Featured Article:
Obama Leaked Al-Qaeda Call

Today's Politically Incorrect Headlines:


How the White House is weaseling Congress out of ObamacCare.

The White House on Wednesday released the legal details behind its ObamaCare bailout for Members of Congress and their staffs, and if anything this rescue is worse than last week's leaks suggested: Illegal dispensations for the ruling class, different rules for the hoi polloi.
Thanks to an amendment from Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley that Democrats enacted in 2010, the Affordable Care Act says that "the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available" to Congress are the ones offered on the ObamaCare insurance exchanges. But Members and many aides have been flipping out because they won't qualify for ObamaCare subsidies and they'll lose employer contributions they now receive under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, or FEHBP, which picks up about three-quarters of the average premium.


Benghazi Tribute: While DC Slept The artist who gave us the statue of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is creating "While DC Slept," a commemorative statue for the Benghazi fallen four. ... READ MORE 

Obamacare’s Brave New World Database The Administration is months behind on the security protocols for the behemoth Obamacare wildly intrusive database. ... READ MORE 



Submitted by: Suzanne
How Journalists and their Managing Editors Can Pick Up Where
The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Politico
Left Off Their Stories Suspecting President Obama’s First Justiceship Nominee, Then-Judge Sotomayor, of Concealment of Assets; and
Provoke Such Outrage in the Public, Already so Distrustful of Government as a Result of Current Scandals and the Revelations of Edward Snowden, as to Cause It to Demand
Democracy-Reformative Mechanisms for Public Accountability, Such as Citizen Boards for Monitoring the Transparent Operation of Government and Disciplining its Officers,
that Can Give Rise to
A New We the People-government Paradigm: the People’s Sunrise


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris
Judicial Discipline Reform

The revelations by Mr. Edward Snowden([1] >ol:17) of government programs that run surveillance on tens of millions of Americans’ telephone records and Internet communications have only deepened public distrust(ol:11) of government already provoked by the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious scandals and the government’s complicit decision not to hold anybody accountable for the mortgage debacle and the banks’ use of fake documents to foreclose on mortgages.

CONBUSTIBLE 08/08/2013

U.S. Senator trying to changes Snowden Wiki bio from ‘dissident’ to ‘traitor’ 
A member of the US Senate was caught this week trying to make a rather conspicuous edit to Edward Snowden’s Wikipedia page Read More...

Why Won’t They Tell Us the Truth About NSA Spying?
In 2001, the Patriot Act opened the door to US government monitoring of Americans without a warrant. It was unconstitutional, but most in Congress over my strong objection were so determined to do something after the attacks of 9/11 that they did not seem to give it too much thought. Read More...

Balko: 100 to 115 SWAT raids per day in the US
Radley Balko explains in great detail why Americans should become increasingly alarmed over the militarization of law enforcement agencies. Read More...

U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans
A secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans. Read More...

History Doesn’t Happen in the Past
The parasite has out grown its host and it can’t live on its own. Read More...


Grassfire Update:
Dear Patriot,

Moments before shuttering Capitol Hill for a month-long recess, Congress exempted 11,000 members and staff from ObamaCare. News of Friday's last-minute deal making is especially frustrating since part of ObamaCare's original sell to the American people was that lawmakers and aides had to use the plan.
According to The Wall Street Journal, both parties went ballistic when they learned staff would incur dramatically higher healthcare costs. "Democrats in particular, begged for help," and President Obama lept into action telling them in a closed-door meeting that "he would personally moonlight as H.R. manager and resolve the issue."

He did ... for Congress.

"A behind-closed-doors deal announced after Congress is safely away from the crime scene. This is exactly why America rightly hates Washington," charged Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) in a press release posted on his official website. "Obamacare's a train wreck, even for Congress. So it gets fixed ... FOR CONGRESS ONLY" (emphasis in original).
Vitter is right. All Americans should be extended the same "resolution" that Congress is getting.

But with Congress safely tucked away in their districts, the countdown continues for the "less fortunate" Americans who, on October 1, start enrolling in ObamaCare.

CLASH DAILY 08/08/2013

 Phony Scandals for a Phony President Here we go again. Those big old meanies on the right just won’t let it go! You know, those “phony” scandals. Like a dog with too many bones. Except they aren’t phony. People died and [...] ... READ MORE

BOOM: Wahlberg to Bieber: ‘Pull your pants up, make your mom proud and stop smoking weed, you little bastard.’ So, when Mark Wahlberg blasted wayward teenager Justin Bieber on Tuesday you know that ‘the Biebs’ knew that the superstar actor was straight talking with him. The 19-year-old has endured a summer of madness with [...] ... READ MORE 



Hi Conservatives,

We're starting a new grassroots initiative called Take Charge Nevada, and we want you to play a key role.
This is our chance to build our campaign, grow our party, and lead Nevada's comeback.
Next Event: Precinct Captain Training - August 10th, 10 am (Sandoval Campaign HQ in Las Vegas)
Thank you,
Jeremy Hughes
Campaign Manager
P.S. Have a friend that wants a better future for Nevada too? Forward this email and tell them about the upcoming volunteer opportunities.


Dear Conservatives,

Imagine learning Barack Obama had just announced plans to seek a third term as President of the United States.

Left-wing radicals all over the country would cheer their chance to tax, spend and regulate our country into oblivion for four more years . . .

Thankfully, that nightmare won't come true. Our Constitution limits Presidents to two terms.

But if term limits are a good idea for Presidents, why not Members of Congress?

  I've created a special Term Limits Now petition for you that I'm counting on you to sign IMMEDIATELY.

I'll give you the link in just a moment. But first let me explain exactly why term limits are so important.

I can already tell you, my colleagues here in Washington, D.C. are going to FIGHT my Congressional Term Limits Amendment every step of the way.

For them, politics as usual is just fine.

But for virtually everyone else I talk to across our country, it's clear career politicians have FAILED.


CNN Rips Team Obama Over Lack Of Transparency - 8/6/2013
CNN Rips Obama Over Lack Of Transparency -
Video link:
CNN Rips Team Obama Over Lack Of Transparency - 8/6/2013


Obama Promises Additional $195 Million in Syrian Aid (Bringing the Total Over $1 Billion)

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Submitted by: Donald Hank 
I don't know who you are, lady. But you speak for the UK and you speak for the rest of benighted Europe. In many ways you speak for my country too.
Mes meilleurs voeux a vous, Mademoiselle!
Don Hank
Pastor Lee ADDS: This lady is saying what a Conservative Patriot says daily. The Muslims among us steadfastly refuse to assimilate and must be exposed for what they are! To allow them to stay without assimilating is the assisting of the destruction of this nation!


EXPOSED: California’s DOJ New Armed Prohibited Persons System Ain’t all it’s Made Up to be

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Submitted by: Donald Hank:
There is a complex issue at stake here and few understand it.
On the one  hand, most Christians and believers in religious freedom can, on some level, appreciate what Putin stands for.
But on the other hand, since he is on Assad's side (Assad is a pro Christian Alawite) in Syria, some are afraid that his policies could hurt Israel because he is no friend of Israel. The Western leaders have clearly taken sides against Middle Eastern Christians. By declariing Hamas (which has made overtures toward local Christians) a terrorist organization, the EU has tipped its hand. Obama is fighting on the side of Al Qaeda so he is transparent now.
Yet there is no easy answer. Ironically, Christians generally see Israel as their spiritual ancestor, but at the same time, we are not willing to support those who persecute Christians even if such support could be seen short term as aiding Israel. So there is ambiguity and also some cognitive dissonance.
This is why some, who seem to lean more toward Israel than toward Christianity, are calling Snowden a traitor for going to Russia, while most Americans are thankful to Snowden for revealing the embarrassing truth about the current surveillance state.
Any policy adopted today must take the interests of both Israel and the Middle Eastern Christians into account and we must try to step lightly. Neither Putin nor Obama is right all the time.
This will call for the wisdom of a Solomon.
Instead we have mostly clowns in high places.

The Washington Times Online Edition

DALLAS, August 2, 2013 - Vladimir Putin said last week that he observes "with alarm" that "in many of the world's regions, especially in the Middle East and in North Africa, inter-confessional tensions are mounting, and the rights of religious minorities are infringed, including Christians and Orthodox Christians."