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Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for November 12, 2012
Robert A. Hall


Did Voter Fraud Swing The Election? – Exclusive: Joseph Farah Presents Evidence Of Illegal Voting, Contributions, Intimidation


Is This What Obama Meant By ‘Revenge’? – ‘After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn – Payback Time’


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To everyone who receives this.

Special Operations Speaks (SOS) needs a favor from you and everyone you can
reach out and touch.

Next week three of us from SOS are heading for an important Press Conference
on Thursday the 15th in Washington DC ref our latest SOS petition drive to
get an independent Congressional investigation of the Benghazi crimes and
cover-ups. We need you to send as many people as you can to our website to
sign that petition ASAP.

Just have your contacts go to the SOS website at and look under the tab "Petitions
and Actions- Investigate Benghazigate." Everyone in SOS should sign this
petition if they have not already done so. Then begin networking to get
everyone (friends, neighbors, professional like-minded patriots, etc) you
can to do the same.  It will only take a few a few minutes of your time.

ALABAMA - We The PEOPLE Newsletter # 209

There are very disturbing reports coming in about the recent presidential election.
We are researching them now and will have more information in our next issue.

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15 UNREAL, MUST-READ columns by dissatisfied, pro-USA Americans.
From:   To: The NationalMiddleClassNetwork & TeaParties...These columns  are not necessarily our views; more in fairness to both sides. So, please keep the feedback coming. Thanks. 

Commentary: Isn't it just "grand" how Boehner and all republican leaders are such "good sports" at losing so much and not contesting anywhere, as there wasn't even the slightest hint of voter fraud.
Comment: This is 5 years ago. Michelle called it all, right on down the line...even "Jerry Rivers".  And now she's trying to debate the phony in the nest story,  But it seems they're afraid to deal with her.
Mothers Against Illegal Aliens and Illegal Amnesty  - "An Uplifting 5 Minutes".
Every journey starts with one step!
Then it's up to you to keep your feet moving!

Comment: FINALLY! The truth is out about this PHONY and his media (TV AND RADIO).
Bottom line...."a RINO is a RINO and a LEFTY, BUT NOT an American be."
From: Barbara Coe
CLIP: Sean Hannity comes out of the Closet for Mass Amnesty for Illegals
    Every ILLEGAL ALIEN in our country is a CRIMINAL in violation of Federal Immigration Law [Title 8 U.S.C.]   I hope American Patriots will insure this yellow-belly TRAITOR "goes down in flames" - loses his show, and is thrown on the dump-heap of ALL Anti-American scum. 
From: Jeff Schwilk   To: Sean Hannity
AUDIO CLIP: Sean Hannity comes out of the Closet for Mass Amnesty for Illegals
Hannity is proving himself to be the typical RINO sellout in search of the non-existant “Hispanic vote”.  He is now pushing for George Bush/Karl Rove full amnesty.  Most Mexicans/Hispanics will always vote for the Progressive candidate because most of them are liberals (takers) and/or want amnesty for their entire extended families who are here illegally.  The GOP needs to court the AMERICAN vote, period and stop pandering to the anti-American law breakers, who make up a tiny fraction of the vote.  
     Republicans are already starting to commit political suicide, just like they did in 2006, because they can’t uphold our American principles of national sovereignty, fair and LEGAL immigration, and the rule of law that applies equally to everyone.  Enforce our laws and secure our border, and illegal immigration will be solved within a few years with NO AMNESTY!  Arizona is proving that every day.  
     BTW, all of Fox News is now apparently under orders from their immigrant, globalist boss, Rupert Murdoch to push Amnesty on their conservative viewers.  All the hosts have suddenly been pushing it hard since the election.  These clueless pundits and media elite vastly underestimate the American public.  If they keep moving to the left, the GOP will be dead by 2016.  The GOP is already to the left of John F. Kennedy.  America was born a conservative Constitutional Republic and we are still a conservative Constitutional Republic, no matter how many zombie and welfare voters the Socialist Party (formerly the Democrat party) digs up at election time.
    Turn off Faux News and the elite media propaganda and hit them in their wallets!  The truth lies on the internet in the many reputable pro-AMERICAN news sites.       Jeff Schwilk