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Open Letter to the Pro-Choice Woman Brooke McGowan challenges the pro-choice woman to open her eyes to the true ugliness and abhorrent behavior of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion stalwarts. ... READ MORE 

Samuel Adams Beer Ejects God from the Declaration of Independence Apparently we are to accept the fact that the industry guidelines set by the Beer Industry trump the principles set forth in America’s founding documents? You know, those same founding documents that helped create the free ... READ MORE 


PATRIOT UPDATE 07/13/;2013

Zimmerman Case Exposes Black Racism
Food Stamp Dependency Defies Easy AnswersTOP STORIES


Melody for Precinct Director

She is a leader who will get the job done!

The Precinct Director of the Clark County Republican Party is responsible for providing the primary leadership and management to achieve the CCRP's goals of electoral victory, voter registration, voter turnout, and voter rights.
Click the link below to read Melody's resume:

CCRP Elections will be held July 17th, 2013
Time:        5:30 PM (Registration)
Location:  South Point Casino

Vote Melody Howard for Precinct Director!
Dave for Nevada Slate

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McCarthy Confirmation Near
With Obama recently declaring a de facto “War on Coal” we can see that the Administration is finally ramping up its Big Government environmental agenda, one that Obama has long had in mind. More than a war on just coal alone, this new Executive Crusade is a war on energy, factories, and jobs.

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DHS to UC: Janet Napolitano exits Homeland Security, moves to Higher Ed
Today, “Big Sis” Janet Napolitano announced she is stepping down from her position as the Secretary of Homeland Security. Napolitano, having presided over Obama’s Department of Homeland Security since January 21, 2009, announced she will be transitioning to her new position as President of the University of California school system next month.

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LIFE NEWS 07/12/2013

Texas Senate Passes Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions Despite Abortion Mob
After a day filled with pro-abortion threats, pro-life people hiding in secure areas of the capitol fearing for their safety, jars of feces and urine and protestors disrupting the Senate proceedings, democracy finally prevailed.
Members of the state Senate approved the bill to ban late-term abortions on a 19-11 margin on second reading. The chamber then approved the bill in third reading by the same 19-11 vote.
Texas Police Confiscate Jars of Urine, Feces From Abortion Activists
Texas police have issued a statement confirming they have confiscated numerous jars of feces and urine that abortion activists planned to throw at pro-life legislators today who are debating the late-term abortion ban.
As LifeNews reported, abortion activists also planned to throw tampons and feminine pads at lawmakers, but the Texas Department of Public Safety statement below confirms the planned assaults on legislators are much worse than that.

JIHAD WATCH 07/13/2013

Jul 12, 2013 07:08 pm | Robert
Ramadan: the month of jihad. "Iraqi city of Kirkuk hit by deadly bomb attack," from the BBC, July 12 (thanks to Anne Crockett): At least 19 people have been killed in a bomb attack in a cafe in Iraq's northern city of Kirkuk, officials say. The blast happened shortly after...

Jul 12, 2013 01:40 pm | Robert
These are the people we will be aiding in Syria: the ones we're paying the duplicitous Pakistani government to fight against. "Pakistan Taliban 'sets up a base in Syria,'" by Ahmed Wali Mujeeb for the BBC, July 12 (thanks to Anne Crockett): The Pakistani Taliban have visited Syria to set...


Dear Conservatives,

I just finished a briefing, and the situation is much worse than I originally thought.

Inside sources tell me that as early as Monday or Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will move to GUT the Senate filibuster and RAM through Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) nominees. . .

. . . Cementing Big Labor’s takeover of this rogue agency -- setting our country on a path of no return.

You and I must not allow Harry Reid to get away with this dangerous scheme.

That’s why it’s critical you contact both your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY and urge them to OPPOSE any attempt by Harry Reid to weaken or flat-out destroy the Senate filibuster.

You can email your U.S. Senators by clicking HERE.

As you know, Barack Obama’s NLRB has been rewriting American labor law to give Big Labor more power, more dues and more political clout.

COWBOYBYTE 07/13/2013

Sessions: Napolitano’s tenure ‘defined by a consistent disrespect for the rule of law’

At least one lawmaker will not miss outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Shortly following the announcement that Napolitano will be stepping down in September, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions issued a strong rebuke of her tenure at DHS. “Secretary … Continue reading

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CHUCK KOLB 07/13/2013

After talking to several friends about this supposed cold or respiratory “challenge” that seems to have
many that I know with some type of symptom.  Another friend suggested I google white phlegm.  The
above is only one result out of thousands after I added “chemtrail” to white phlegm.  I had a gut feeling
that chemtrails and phlegma were symbiotically related.  The above confirms my instinctual thought
and back it up with data.  We’ve all seen the long trailing chemicals coming out the back of the barely
visible high altitude C-30 military jets that we are told to be passenger jets with con-trails.
That is easy to believe if you like being... Conn-ed

Geoengineeringwatch Obama Update, Denial and Deception (1:57)

The Most Important Topic of Our Time (46:03)
- GeoEngineering & chemtrails

Geoengineering: The Most Important Topic of Our Time - Full Spectrum Dominance

Amazing Footage of WWII Chemtrail Experiments (1:43)


Submitted by: Donald Hank

Ya know what? If 'no one is illegal,' as airhead Nancy Pelosi has said, then open up the jails once and for all. We can have our own Bastille Day and the chaos that the French endured on their first one. The Left has already shut down major swaths of enforcement. Why discriminate? Just stop prosecuting anyone for anything. It looks like that is what we are trending to. Don Hank

Inspector General: IRS Made Policy Decision To Legalize Illegal Aliens, Ended Up Paying $4.2 Billion In Tax Credits To Illegals In 1 Year (by Terence Jeffrey at


GRAPHIC VIDEO: Black Violence v. White Skyrockets; Media Dead Silent

CLASH DAILY 07/13/2013

 American Heartache: Why Everyone Loses in the Zimmerman Case As the court proceedings wind down and come to a close I think there are a few things that need to be said before the jury brings back a verdict. Although I am an ardent [...] ... READ MORE 

HEY CNN: WHAT THE BLANK IS A “WHITE HISPANIC”? DESPERATE, MUCH? On Wednesday, CNN once again referred to Hispanic defendant George Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic who is on trial for last year’s shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a black teen, in Sanford city.” The term [...] ... READ MORE  



Montana Enacts Law Prohibiting NSA Spying 


Video: “Dead Dog Jihad”

Jul 13, 2013 01:40 pm


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Obama Blamed For Failed Missile Tests


President Obama Returning to Martha’s Vineyard for August Vacation

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MUTH'S TRUTHS 07/13/2013


If you missed last night’s SRO First Friday Happy Hour at Bahama Breeze, you missed a truly star-studded, action-packed, fun-filled get-together!

We had Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Dean Heller, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, national talk-show host Rusty Humphries, John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow, the producers of the “Atlas Shrugged” movies, New Hampshire State Rep. Mark Warden, and Marita Noon of Energy Makes America Great.

Also joining us from Elko was conservative Assemblyman John Ellison, and from Douglas County, Assemblyman Jim Wheeler.  Also in the house were conservative Assemblyman John Hambrick and Assemblywoman Michele Fiore of Las Vegas, along with Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony.

Plus Nevada Republican Party Chairman Mike McDonald and Clark County Republican Party Chairwoman Cindy Lake, along with Nevada GOP Finance Chairman Dan Schwartz, former Clark County GOP Chairmen Richard Scotti and George Harris, former Clark County GOP Treasurer Swadeep Nigam, Melody Howard, candidate for CCRP Precinct Director, and Kelly Hurst, candidate for CCRP Political Director.

Also got to chat with newly-arrived Greg Campbell of, Leo Bletnitsky of the Las Vegas Shooting and Cigar Club, Clark County GOP Volunteers of the Year Dan & Rita Hickey, and former Assembly candidates Victoria Seaman and Tom Blanchard.


North Korea is No Paper Tiger. By Chet Nagle
Excerpt: So it seems the North Korean paper tiger is dangerous after all. Just ask Kenneth Bae and the U.S. Navy. Bae, an American citizen and tour operator, was arrested for subverting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and got 15 years of hard labor. Hostages are usually released after bribes and apologies, but this time Pyongyang says the United States is wrong to think Bae is just a bargaining chip, stating: “The DPRK has no plan to invite anyone of the U.S. as regards Kenneth Bae’s case.” Chet Nagle is a graduate of the Naval Academy, a former CIA agent, a member of the Committee on the Present Danger, a former Defense Department official and the author of the excellent novels The Iran Covenant and The Woolsorter’s Plague.

Oh Why My Public Letter To The Commandant? By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Minutes after publishing 'A Public Letter to the Commandant of the Marine Corps' on Monday, 24 June 2013, emails started to flood in - from Marines, all generations and ranks, and friends of Marines. Nearly all strangers to me, nary a single dissenter.

Marine puts stop to bank robbery


Submitted by: Nancy Battle 

This is the type of people Obama allowing in to America. When will Congress say, "enough?"

BEFORE ITS NEWS 07/13/2013

Cops Kill Unarmed Man Holding Baby--Video

CURATOR: Zen Gardner. This is unbelievable. Again, trigger happy cops killing unarmed people. This man was walking around his neighborhood holding his 9 month old grandson. The woman who made the 911 call said he had a gun. That's all you have to say these days to get someone killed. The cop that...


Trayvon's Body--Graphic--This Is Reality

Trayvon's Body--Graphic--This Is Reality CONTRIBUTOR: muckracker1. by Monica Davis This is real, people. It is not some reality show. It is real. One man killed another because he did not stay in his car and wait for the police as he was told to do by the 911 dispatcher. He took it upon himself to follow...


Boston Police Officer Arrested After Bombs and Explosives Found Inside Home

Boston Police Officer Arrested After Bombs and Explosives Found Inside Home CONTRIBUTOR: Intellihub. A Boston police officer was arrested and charged after his wife called police to report that she found military-grade explosives, grenades, and ammunition in their home. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images) RTJuly 13, 2013 Police Officer Kirk D. Merricks, 43, is now facing 11 counts of possession of an explosive...


Submitted by: John Rolls 

Russia angered by Israel bombing Syria.


Submitted by: BobJen
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"You can not let any of your people avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world. it's going to be bad."...SO..."Fight with a happy heart and strong spirit".- General James Mattis, USMC,
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From: Pastor Lee......From: The D.C. Clothesline <>
Date: Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 10:02 AM
[New post] Reid admits Senate-passed amnesty bill is unconstitutional    

From: Sher       From: John Rolls  
There He Goes BO Reveals True Reason For Immigration Bill…