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September 10, 2013
H.R. 1155 — "To reform the National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers, and for other purposes." – ON THE MOTION TO SUSPEND THE RULES AND PASS THE BILL – PASSED 397 – 6
H.R. 2747 "To amend title 40, United States Code, to transfer certain functions from the Government Accountability Office to the Department of Labor relating to the processing of claims for the payment of workers who were not paid appropriate wages under certain provisions of such title." – ON THE MOTION TO SUSPEND THE RULES AND PASS THE BILL – PASSED 396 – 10
S. 130 — "To require the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain Federal land to the Powell Recreation District in the State of Wyoming." – ON THE MOTION TO SUSPEND THE RULES AND PASS THE BILL – PASSED 408 – 1


Shouldn’t Putin Address Us Tonight?
The Gay Mafia Lets the Mask Slip. Will Republicans Seize the Moment?TOP STORIES

LIFE NEWS 09/10/2013

Washington D.C. Wants 24-Hour Wait for Tattoos, Piercings But No Abortion Limits
Washington, D.C. may soon institute a 24-hour waiting period before a tattoo or piercing can be done. But local officials have no interest in a waiting period before an abortion — as the District of Columbia remains one of the most ardently pro-abortion places in the country.
From a TownHall report: Najma Roberts, a spokeswoman for the Health Department, said that the waiting period for a tattoo or piercing was necessary so people do not get inked or pierced with something they may regret: http://www.lifenews.com/2013/09/10/washington-d-c-wants-24-hour-wait-for-tattoos-piercings-but-no-abortion-limits/
2013 Poised to Set Another Record for Most Pro-Life Legislation Passed
In 2013, life-affirming federal and state legislation designed to protect women from the harms inherent in abortion has garnered increasing attention and support from legislators and the American public — and engendered increasing fear and consternation among abortion advocates and their allies.
This year, 48 states have considered approximately 360 measures related to abortion, most of which sought to protect women and their unborn children from a predatory abortion industry which, as the Kermit Gosnell case aptly demonstrates, places concerns for profit over women’s health and safety. http://www.lifenews.com/2013/09/10/2013-poised-to-set-another-record-for-most-pro-life-legislation-passed/


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MS-13 member convicted of shooting teen mom and her toddler 

 September 10, 2013

At the conclusion of a trial lasting three weeks, a federal jury in Central Islip, N.Y., on Monday returned a guilty verdict convicting an MS-13 gang member of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and firearms offenses in connection with the execution-style killings of a 2-year-old boy and his mother.
The convicted murderer, Adalberto Ariel Guzman, also known as “Gringo,” is facing a sentence of life in prison as a result of his conviction, since the federal prosecutors did not seek the death penalty in the case, according to a New York police veteran who closely monitored the case.


RUSH: Obama’s Objective Is To Make America The ‘Laughing Stock Of The World’
Sep 09, 2013 05:40 pm 


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Submitted by: Steve Lefemine

German Foreign Intelligence head informs select German legislators:
Intercepted communications indicate Assad did not order or approve
alleged sarin gas attack on August 21

[ "S.L." - emphasis added ]:
"The report in Bild am Sonntag, which is a widely read and influential national Sunday newspaper,
reported that
the head of the German Foreign Intelligence agency, Gerhard Schindler,
last week told a select group of German lawmakers that intercepted communications
had convinced German intelligence officials that Assad did not order or approve what
is believed to be a sarin gas attack on Aug. 21
that killed hundreds of people in Damascus’
eastern suburbs."


9/11 - We Will Never Forget

From the Desk of Richard Thompson,
President and Chief Counsel


Tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on America and the God-given freedoms we so cherish.  We remember with anger and anguish the nearly 3,000 Americans murdered by Muslim terrorists in the name of Islam. We also remember and honor those first responders, many of whom lost their lives trying to save others.

This is also a time to remember the thousands of American soldiers who were killed, wounded or are still suffering, in the ensuing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and places unknown. We honor all those who answered our Nation’s call to Arms.  We also remember the sacrifices made by their families. 

ALT 09/10/2013

ALT Headlines Featured Stories for September 10, 2013

Rep Radel: Only 4 Calls Out of 1000 Are For Bombing Syria
Congressman Trey Radel (R-FL) recently asked his Twitter followers to guess, out of the nearly 1,000 calls his office had received about military intervention in Syria, how many were for it.
The UN Has Had Evidence That Syrian Rebels Have Been Using Chemical Weapons Since May
Did you know that the United Nations has had evidence that the Syrian rebels have been using sarin gas against Syrian government forces since May? This was reported by Reuters and other major news organizations around the world, but there has ...
US Government Also Spying On Corporations (Video)
The Young Turks - "The U.S. National Security Agency has secretly succeeded in breaking much of the encryption that keeps people's personal data safe online, according to reports by The New York Times, The Guardian and ProPublica." ...


Obama backs UN discussion of Syria arms proposal
image A White House official says President Barack Obama has agreed to discussions at the United Nations Security Council on a proposal from Russia to secure Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles.

Zimmerman's wife calls cops; changes story hours later
image The 911 call seemed frantic: George Zimmerman's sobbing estranged wife said he was threatening her and her father with a gun and she feared for her life. Please come. Hours later Monday, after police converged on the home in an Orlando suburb and after speaking to her attorney, she changed her story.


1. Why Obama Is Floundering?

2. Plans for Multiple False Flag Events Taking Shape

GRASSTOPS USA 09/10/2013

Syrian Rebels Force Christians To Convert To Islam
Posted On America's Conservative News

Surrender to Allah or die... The Daily Mail reports: "Terrified Christians claim Syrian rebels ordered them to convert to Islam on pain of death when they 'liberated' their ancient village."

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How To Survive When America Collapses
When China freezes our money and the banks collapse... when the power grid shuts down... you'll want to avoid the five most common mistakes that preppers make... critical things that could mean the difference between life and death.

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Video: Harlem Pastor Mocks Obama As Homosexual In New Song

Sep 10, 2013 02:05 pm


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Breaking: Titled of Obama's historic speech leaked - "Is your foreign policy better than a fifth graders?" -- Obama's speech will be him waving the Kerry Compromise agreement and saying, "I have met with Herr Assad... and secured peace in our times!"
Bob’s Grape-Nut Pie
A few readers asked for this after I mentioned baking grape pies for church. ~Bob
Good Article: A carbon tax would make no sense. By Richard Rahm
Excerpt: A carbon tax has real costs to the American economy. Energy prices and food prices would be higher, and virtually everything else that people consume would cost more. The results of higher prices are a lower standard of living, less economic opportunity, lower real wages and fewer jobs. All for what?
Obama’s net worth
Economic Growth and Right-to-Work Laws
Excerpt: States with right-to-work laws had higher economic growth rates than they otherwise would have based on the results of a statistical model. Specifically, the average right-to-work state had annual growth rates that were 0.8 percentage points higher for real personal income and 0.5 percentage points higher for population growth. Right-to-work laws boosted average annual employment growth rates by 0.8 percentage points measured from 1970 through 2011. (Unions are all about jobs—the one percent jobs of the fat cat union bosses. ~Bob.)


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Impeach Obama Now Coalition Gaining Momentum

Posted by By GeorgeM at 9 September, at 14 : 42 PM Print
An increasingly popular Obama impeachment movement is getting up a head of steam now. New organizations have been springing up, such as:
Even some  on the left are picking up on it. There were people at a local Congresswoman’s constituent meet-up talking impeachment recently. When I met one outside, he turned out to be a Liberal!  
While many of us realize he can’t be legally impeached because he’ not a legal President, since he was illegally elected and inaugurated, we might get him out the same door he sneaked into. Will take any route to dump the Mnachurian usurper


Submitted by: Suzanne

Oh Oh… Over 100 Pages of Documentation Found – Of Obama’s Kenyan Birth.

Posted by By GeorgeM at 9 September, at 13 : 39 PM Print
You might remember a while back that records were discovered that a child was born to Obama Sr. in Kenya, but no name specified. Here’s more on that, forwarded by John. B. by way of the Far East,  providing some corroborating evidence via U.S. consular records. It adds to the crushing weight of evidence that “Obama” is a usurper in the White House. While we don’t yet know for sure where or even when he was born, we do know that:
- He admits he was born to a foreign father, which alone makes him ineligible.
- There is no valid legal  proof so far that he was born anywhere.
- It is proven that the digital birth certificate he preferred is a fraud.
- His Selective Service registration is fraudulent.
- He is using Social Security number(s) not his own.
- His own literary biography for 13 years said he was born in Kenya.
- He can’t pass an e-Verify check.


Dear Conservatives,

Not all milestones are causes for celebration.

According to data from the Center for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration, the abortion pill RU-486 has been used almost 2 million times since it was rushed through FDA approval in 1999.

That’s 2 million unborn babies slaughtered by a single drug -- a grim commemoration of just how fully we’ve abandoned our youngest and most defenseless.

Chemically killing babies has been a boon to the abortion industry, because it helps abortion seem like an even easier, less consequential way to escape an unwanted pregnancy.

Just pop a pill and forget your troubles, the sales pitch goes.

But the hard truth is that RU-486 only begins brand-new troubles.

Though taking a pill sounds less menacing than invading the womb with sharp instruments, the end result is the same: a dead baby.


Donald Hank writes:

Kidnapped Italian journalists expose truth about Syrian “rebels”

by Don Hank

Journalist Pierre Piccinin created a furor lately, testifying in a videotaped interview that, while kidnapped, he had overheard conversations indicating that it was not Assad but the rebels themselves who had released nerve gas in Damascus killing over 1,000 people. Several Italian publications expand on that story, and the last one translated below suggests that while Piccinin was, strictly speaking, telling the truth, he omitted important details. All in all, however, it is understandable that these two captives might want to depict their captors in the worst possible light. We must remember that the official story in Europe is that the Obama administration’s conclusion that Assad is guilty is generally accepted without question. Naturally, Quirino, who derives his livelihood from journalism, would be hesitant to tweak the powers that be.
Nonetheless, note well that Quirino does not imply that it was Assad who used the nerve gas. He simply says he and Piccinin had no way of knowing one way or the other.

GOP USA 09/10/2013

Sudden plan for Syria

In a rapid and remarkable chain of events, Syria welcomed the idea of turning over all of its chemical weapons for destruction on Monday, and President Barack Obama, though expressing deep skepticism, declared it a "potentially positive development" that could head off the threats of U.S. air strikes that have set the world on edge.

Syria and Obama

I cannot see why even a single American, a single Israeli or a single Syrian civilian should be killed as a result of a token U.S. military action, undertaken simply to spare Barack Obama the embarrassment of doing nothing, after his ill-advised public ultimatum to the Syrian government to not use chemical weapons was ignored.

NEWS WITH VIEWS 09/10/2013

America, Syria, Russia, Analysis and Prophecy
The Rockefeller World Council of Churches, (WCC) has developed a new theology for a New World Order. They are actively re-shaping and changing Evangelical Christian religious doctrines from within. A number of prominent Evangelical leaders and churches are being financed by Rockefeller money in order to bring in this one world religion! Yet, while many Evangelical churches are being seduced......
by Paul McGuire

In The Fashion of a True Narcissist
It is very apparent, from these comments, that being the consummate politician, forever on the campaign trail, Obama did not consider the ramifications of his "red line" comment; not an uncommon trait in a narcissist. Yet we are to believe he has the best interests of America, and the American people, in mind? During the House Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Representative Jeff Duncan (R-SC) referenced the credibility of Obama and company in questioning the massacre at Benghazi.........
Lynn Stuter


Obama and the Humiliation of the U.S.

Yesterday, the world witnessed the President of United States and his administration emasculate the image of our beloved country.
In a fumbling, amateurish display worthy of the Three Stooges -- the President of the United States, his Secretary of State, and his former Secretary of State -- legitimized the Russian thug Vladimir Putin and Syria's dictator Bashar Assad.
Instead of listening to the American people and staying out of Syria altogether, the Obama Administration is taking seriously a Russian proposal that if adopted, could never be verified.
How embarrassing is it that the President of the United States is pursuing a Russian "plan" to secure Syria's chemical weapons? Even Obama's New York Times quotes a "Senior American official" who said, "… that Washington has firm knowledge of only 19 of the 42 suspected chemical weapons sites. Those numbers are constantly changing, because Mr. Assad has been moving the stores, largely for fear some of them could fall into the hands of rebels."


Today's Featured Article:
Obama to Declare VS Day – Victory over Syria

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Sad--really, really sad.
You are urged to see (and hear) this before it disappears


Obama’s Peeps: al-Qaeda Linked Syrian Rebels Invade Village and Start Killing Christians

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Fellow Conservatives:
This is an urgent action alert for all freedom-loving Americans.

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote to fund Obamacare this week and we need your help to stop it. 
House Republican leaders have chickened out and decided to fund a program that will destroy our country.

According to media reports, GOP leaders will attempt to pass a "trick rule" that allows them to pretend to defund Obamacare without actually doing so.
Under the trick rule, the House will pass a continuing resolution that fully funds Obamacare along with separate phony bill that defunds Obamacare. Democrats in the Senate will then throw the defunding bill in the garbage and send the real bill that funds Obamacare to the president's desk.

It's the "now you see defunding, now you don't" strategy.
We must act now and call on conservatives in the House to defeat the trick rule that funds Obamacare.

CLASH DAILY 09/10/2013

13 Democrats Charged With Embezzling $16Mil In Federal Grants For AIDS Charities, Rev. Wright Daughter Among Those Charged Daughter of Reverend “God Damn America” Wright and 12 other Democrats are charged with embezzling $16 million in Federal health grants that should have gone to AIDS charities and other programs for the poor and […] ... READ MORE  OBAMA’S THE BOMB: How Obama Is Really Bombing on Syria Say this for Barack Obama: He’s got a gift for taking a bad situation and making it worse. Friday’s dismal jobs report cemented the view that Obama’s second term is a disaster. Combine the weak […] ... READ MORE

Assad DENIES Deadly Gas Attack: CBS’s Charlie Rose granted interview with Syrian President Charlie Rose interviewed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at his palace in Damascus this morning and will air the entire interview tomorrow, just one day before President Obama is set to address the nation. While Congress ... READ MORE 



Drudge Report expands coverage on Cory Booker

Liberal Democrat Senate Candidate Under Siege

We have even more momentum for Conservative Republican Senate candidate, Steve Lonegan, as the Drudge Report has expanded their coverage showing the campaign of liberal Democrat Senate candidate, Cory Booker, under siege.
Numerous questions have been raised about Cory Booker, from his failure to release his government expense reports, to his failed Internet start-up (that has rewarded his political cronies millions of dollars in paybacks), and a new murder spree that highlights the rampant crime that has gripped Newark, NJ where Booker currently serves as mayor.  Newark has been ranked as one of the 20 most violent cities in America.

COWBOYBYTE 09/10/2013

Reid delays vote

The Senate will delay its first procedural vote on American military intervention in Syria, Majority Leader Harry Reid said late Monday afternoon. “As we all know, the international discussions continue relative to the matter in Syria. Normally, what I would … Continue reading

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Submitted by: Nancy Battle

Study Calls on U.S. Dept. of Education to Stop Using Adoption of Common Core as Condition or Incentive for Receipt of Federal Funds and Waivers
In preface, Iowa’s U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley says education policy best made at level of government closest to students, parents

BOSTON – The United States Department of Education (USED) should be prohibited from making adoption of national English and math standards known as Common Core a condition or incentive for receipt of federal funding, and both USED and organizations like the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, whose dues are paid with taxpayer funds, should make public the amount of time and money they have invested in promoting Common Core according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.

“Common Core fundamentally alters the relationship between the federal government and the states,” says former Texas Commissioner of Education Robert Scott, the author of A Republic of Republics:  How Common Core Undermines State and Local Autonomy over K-12 Education.  “States are sacrificing their ability to inform what their students learn.”

ACTIVIST POST 09/10/2013


URGENT: False Flag Involving Israel to Implicate Syria in the Works Says RT
US: There is no Evidence Syrian Government Carried Out Attacks
Tony Cartalucci

Pesticide-Superweed Treadmill Hot Topic at Chemists Convention
Rady Ananda

Study Links Roundup 'Weedkiller' To Overgrowth of Deadly Fungal Toxins
Sayer Ji

The UN Has Had Evidence That Syrian Rebels Have Been Using Chemical
Weapons Since May

Michael Snyder

Rule of Zombies: Why Are Obama & Kerry So Desperate to Start a New War?
Paul Craig Roberts

Syria and the Swinging Pendulum
Robert Bonomo