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Hamas-CAIR Attempts to Force Maryland Schools to Observe Muslim Holidays

by Tim Brown
Muslim advocates in Maryland continue to call for closures of public schools on Muslim holidays in the State of Maryland. Standing in front of the Montgomery County Council Office Building in Rockville, Northwest High School senior Anhar Karim, president of the Montgomery County Muslim Student Association, said he is one of many students in the […]


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Two conversations with two insiders: “Expect the unexpected”
 By Doug Hagmann

America is a captured operation, captured from within. Time is too short to mince words or to fear the ridiculous accusations of “doom porn,” made either by the factually challenged or some paid, professional government trolls (see DHS Insider article by this author, later verified in the media) describing what you are about to read.

Republicans: Take ObamaCare to Court
 By Arnold Ahlert
Conservatives in Congress, and their fellow travelers among the chattering classes, are working overtime devising clever strategies to defund ObamaCare. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say none of them will likely amount to a hill of beans.


John McCain hires Al-Qaeda linked, John Kerry Quoted Syrian 'analyst' who was fired for lying about her credentials

Evil John McCain

The Blaze: Elizabeth O’Bagy, the Syria analyst who was fired after it emerged that she had misrepresented her academic credentials, has found new employment with Sen. John McCain, Foreign Policy’s The Cable reported. Read more


Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

The high voltage ridicule, accusations, and rhetoric coming from the White House have reached epic proportions – and we, conservative Americans, are squarely in the crosshairs.

Why? Because we stand united in our opposition to the President’s “crowning achievement” – ObamaCare.

Please see my very important call to action below – Mat.
Pastor Conservatives,

In Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, which many observers cite as Barack Obama’s political bible, Alinsky says…
“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
In other words, if you can’t beat adversaries on the facts, insult them. Alinsky contends…
“It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule.”


McCain Decries The GOP Civil War He Started
Savaged by IncivilitTOP STORIES


MAC-11 Machine Pistol Discoverd: JFK Terminal Closet was Hiding Machine Pistol

CLASH DAILY 09/28/2013

ADOLPH HITLER: The Real Father of Universal Health Care Otto von Bismarck, the Chancellor of Germany and a dictator in his own right, started socialized healthcare in 1883 with the Reichsversicherungsverordnung or Reich Insurance Act. However, only certain segments of the society were ... READ MORE 

GUN CONTROL FREAKS: We Break Down The Recently Leaked Gun Control Playbook Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging was recently leaked all over the Internet. Coauthored by a left-of-center political research firm and a K Street communications consultancy, this in-the-beltway book is a guide ... READ MORE 



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SICK: Al Qaeda Opens First Official Twitter Account

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Power Outage Wreaks Havoc in NYC: “There Appears to Have Been No Plan for This Type of Catastrophic Failure”

by Mac Slavo
(Pictured: Thousands of commuters at Grand Central Station try to figure out how to get home amid power outage) Outgoing Department of Homeland Security Head Janet Napolitano has repeatedly warned of the imminence of a widespread power outage originating from a rogue attack on the nation’s electricity grid.


Video: Chilling Video Of Killer Aaron Alexis Inside Navy Yard

Sep 28, 2013 01:49 pm


Read More and Comment: Video: Chilling Video Of Killer Aaron Alexis Inside Navy Yard

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Cholesterol Drugs Linked To Eye Damage JAMA Study Confirms Anew
A new study published in JAMA Ophthalmology titled, "Association of Statin Use With Cataracts: A Propensity Score-Matched Analysis," reveals that the top-grossing, cholesterol-lowering drug class known as statins is significant ...
US Saudis Qatar Attempt -Arab Spring- Retread in Sudan
Protests are smokescreen for unfolding US-Saudi-Qatari backed violence seeking regime change in Sudan...


Obamacare - At Least Dems Are Willing to Fight for It
image On Halloween Day, 2008 — appropriately enough, since his tenure as president has been a nightmare that makes Freddy Kruger look like Santa Claus — candidate Barack Obama told the American people, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Well, guess what. He meant it.

Sell the Individual-Mandate Delay
image The defeat of Senator Ted Cruz's defunding strategy may not be the end of the fight to overturn Obamacare. In some sense, for free-market conservatives who want consumer choice and private-sector competition, this whole debate is about good versus evil. It's a point that the brave and courageous Cruz grasps all too well. If Obamacare becomes permanent, it will crowd out the private health-care sector, including insurers and providers, and over time will create a single-payer, government-statist health-care sector.

GRASSTOPS USA 09/28/2013

"Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." ~ Ronald Reagan
Names: 25 Republican Senators Who Voted To Fund ObamaCare...

Here are the 25 Republican Senators who voted to fund Obamacare today before they voted against it. Be sure to share this list with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Read The Full Story

How To Survive When America Collapses
 When China freezes our money and the banks collapse... when the power grid shuts down... you'll want to avoid the five most common mistakes that preppers make... critical things that could mean the difference between life and death.

Watch The Video

CHUCK KOLB 09/28/2013

Deleted due to claims of copywrite infringement....Apparently the author does not want anyone to read his work. Surprising as he quotes the Bible which is authored by the Supreme Author!


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Why Look To Legislators To Pass Laws?
Let The Judges Do It Instead!

*   *   *

Judge rules same-sex marriage lawsuit can proceed

September 27, 2013

(AP) — A lawsuit filed by 25 same-sex couples that seeks to legalize gay marriage in Illinois can move forward in the courts, a Cook County judge ruled Friday.
Circuit Judge Sophia Hall threw out a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, so the couples will be allowed to argue that state law regarding marriage discriminates based on sexual orientation.

ACTIVIST POST 09/28/2013


MT Health Care Privacy Becomes Effective Oct 1st; Providers May Not Ask About Guns
Activist Post

Peer-to-Peer Economy Thrives as Activists Vacate the System
Eric Blair

5 More GMO Myths Debunked
Heather Callaghan

Diabetes and Survival
Gaye Levy

Power Outage Wreaks Havoc in NYC
Gov't Targets Private Bank Accounts, Seizes Funds Without Charge or Trial
Mac Slavo

JIHAD WATCH 09/28/2013

Sep 27, 2013 07:44 pm | Robert
After all, who are the real terrorists, as far as Barack Obama is concerned? "It's a three-decade first: Presidents of U.S., Iran talk directly, if only by phone," by Chelsea J. Carter for CNN, September 27: (CNN) -- U.S. President Barack Obama spoke by telephone Friday with Iranian President Hassan...

Sep 27, 2013 07:36 pm | Robert
The above photo and caption are from the June 19, 2013 New York Times. It illustrates how the call to jihad can override all existing loyalties -- such that a Syrian Alawite can suddenly be murdered by his Sunni friend. There are innumerable other examples, such as Tamerlan Tsarnaev's 9/11/11...


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Saturday, September 28, 2013
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Obama: Health law can’t be stopped by govt. shutdown

** FILE ** President Obama. (Associated Press)
President Obama said Friday that major parts of Obamacare will ... more

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What Now? Budget bill heads to House after Senate restores ObamaCare $$

House Republican leaders are stuck with a tough choice after Senate Democrats succeeded in passing a “clean” budget bill which, contrary to GOP wishes, includes full funding for ObamaCare. The Senate, capping a dramatic week on Capitol Hill, approved the … Continue reading

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NEWS WITH VIEWS 09/28/2013

Today at NewsWithViews.TV
Is Terry Jones Wrong?: Although we might not agree with his tactics, are we sure that Terry Jones is wrong? What if he is only obeying what the Spirit has called him to do?
--With Coach Dave Daubenmire

American way to help people: Empower them with the truth
America's truth. “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency." We The People can not win if we are not engaged. We the People can not be engaged if we are not educated in the truth. Continue to learn the truth. Join the biggest group of people in the world. Be an American. “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to do nothing.” -Thomas Jefferson......
by Karen Schoen

Life in the UK Today, Part 5
Wales, known for its Celtic history and language, and its fight for independence, will also now become known for what is called ‘Presumed Consent’. This could affect all British people in the United Kingdom once it crosses over the invisible border between us. And it may. Although the presumed consent was rejected almost five years ago in England, Wales could be the prototype for reducing the waiting list of patients who are waiting for organ transplants in the whole of the United Kingdom.........
by Shirley Edwards


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To: The National MiddleClass Network
These columns are not necessarily our views; more in fairness to both sides.
Btw, we have IP issues. So, to be removed, just ask. So far, those so requesting are virtually zero. Thanks.
From: John..."Put these NewsBriefers in a folder and use them against the enemy or training, as needed".
PLEASE Click "FORWARD", scroll down and SCAN the columns to verify a complete edition (about 20)National MiddleClass Network DAILY NewsBriefer - 9-28-2013
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And don't forget the last newsbrief at the bottom......

A QUICK COMMENT: These are words of praise for someone that we have totally ripped for his positions on illegal immigration, amnesty, eligibility, "NBC" definition and others.  However, when it comes to Obamacare, IMHO, he has been outstanding. Well done, Sean Hannity.
GOP Has Votes In Senate to Defund Obamacare, Red State Democrats In Trouble   By JAVIER MANJARRES......If the GOP in the Senate stands together on the upcoming cloture vote, which allows Harry Reid to reinstate funding for Obamacare, then the d


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Pulitzer Prize, Orwell & Polk Award-Winning Journalist Says Bin Laden Narrative is “one big lie, not one word of it is true”

by Dean Garrison
Earlier this week The D.C. Clothesline featured an article titled Pentagon Orders Purge of Osama Bin Laden’s Death Files from Data Bank by Professor Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research. Running articles like that elicit the typical and predictable responses. A lot of people question the Osama Bin Laden narrative for many reasons,


You’re not going to believe what just happened to a friend of mine…
We all know that Obama and Big Government have been up to some seriously shady stuff (IRS scandal, NSA cover-up, etc), but this one really takes the cake…
My friend Frank Bates has been working on putting together some pretty incredible survival food packages at prices that any patriot can afford, and I guess FEMA must have got wind of what he was doing, because FEMA just contacted his supplier and attempted to buy up his ENTIRE stockpile.
FEMA’s been caught red-handed hoarding survival food!
Check out the shocking proof at the 3-minute mark of this controversial new video… watch it before they make him take it down for good.

BEFORE ITS NEWS 09/28/2013

Fukushima Radiation Hitting US, Canada More Than Japan (Video)

Fukushima Radiation Hitting US, Canada More Than Japan (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Wake up America. By Susan Duclos In the video below by John Hutchison, the terrifying reality of the Fukushima radiation traveling to the U.S. and Canada is graphically shown as well as seeing that the effects and radiation stream actually hits the U.S. and Canada more so than it does Japan....


Wall Street Preps For Weekend Event: Weekend Risk Is Back

Wall Street Preps For Weekend Event: Weekend Risk Is Back CONTRIBUTOR: Live Free or Die. Wall Street is now preparing for 'an event' this weekend, as weekend risk is back according to this financial video from optionmonstertv. What is Wall Street preparing for? Speculation is running high that a possible military coup in Greece may be the cause....


The Future
We have seen the arrogance of nations that sought to go directly against God.

If you recall the Scripture that sets forth the Tower of Babel you recall the anger God expressed at the arrogance of the men that sought to erect a monument to their own accomplishments. God meted out His punishment by having confusion be the ‘order of the day’ as He confounded man by establishing the many languages spoken this very day.
Genesis 11: 6 The LORD said, "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other."
The words, “nothing they plan will be impossible for them,” bear special meaning.


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Thanks To Obamacare, Employer-Based Health Insurance Is Becoming An Endangered Species

by Michael Snyder
Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and when it comes to health care he has definitely kept his promise.  Thanks to Obamacare, health care spending is up, health insurance premiums are up, the number of hours Americans are working is down and employer-based health insurance is becoming an endangered species.  Of course employer-based health […]


House Will Vote on Plan to Keep Government Open, Stop ObamaCare
WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following joint statement:
“The American people don’t want a government shut down and they don’t want ObamaCare. That’s why later today, the House will vote on two amendments to the Senate-passed continuing resolution that will keep the government open and stop as much of the president’s health care law as possible.
“The first amendment delays the president’s health care law by one year. And the second permanently repeals ObamaCare’s medical device tax that is sending jobs overseas.
“Both of these amendments will change the date of the Senate CR to December 15th. We will also vote on a measure that ensures our troops get paid, no matter what.
“We will do our job and send this bill over, and then it’s up to the Senate to pass it and stop a government shutdown.”