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US troops on Syria border as Obama arms rebels


TWISTED: Third Graders Introduce Obama at Homosexual Pride EventNine year-old twins Zea and Luna introduce President Barack Obama at the White House’s LGBT Pride Month celebration Thursday, June 13. Read more: ... READ MORE



Bloomberg’s Gun Control Message Backfiring

Late last year, New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg launched a super PAC to counter the National Rifle Association when it comes to elections. Since new gun control measures failed in the Senate in April, Bloomberg has been … Continue reading 



IRS, NSA, and Amnesty All Tie Together In a Very Nasty Way 


Dear Conservatives ,

If there ever was graphic testimony detailing the horrors of abortion, those attending the recent hearing on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act heard it firsthand.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, OB/Gyn, who had performed more than 1,200 abortions, testified before the House Subcommittee on the Constitution to his change of heart after suffering the searing pain from the death of his own child.

Dr. Levatino was speaking at a House hearing on H.R. 1797, the "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act."

This bill that would ban abortions based on the extreme pain that the unborn go through during an abortion procedure.

But Dr. Anthony didn't just speak in sterile medical terms about abortions.


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Fire Report from Deyos

June 14, 2013, updated June 15
Holly Deyo

Apologies for not updating the site today as there is much to cover, but numerous things prohibited it. Thank you for the concerned calls and emails. We are OK.

First, we had an appointment and left at 6:30 am after walking around outside just for a minute. When we arrived I looked at both of our shirts and there was blackish ash all over us. We're not even close to the fire(s) – probably a good hour away from the Black Forest event. The Canyon City/Royal Gorge fire is about 20 minutes away, and 40% contained (contained does not mean 'extinguished'). It is smaller and more controlled so it's not a threat either. The other Colorado fires are south, east and further north. From our years on the farmlet in Australia, we kept our own firefighting equipment and have done so here as well. There is even a fire hydrant directly across the street so if the worst happened, we're better prepared than most.


Importing Jihad: Obama Considers Bringing Syrian Refugees To America

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Killing Freedom

by lisarichardsrocknrollpolitics
Dear readers,
Here is my latest column at Conservative Daily on NSA and CIA spying and what our Founders said about government abuses:


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Black leaders fed up with Obama's amnesty schemes, will march on D.C.

Dave Gibson
,Immigration Reform ExaminerJune 15, 2013
Next month, the Black American Leadership Alliance will hold a march in Washington D.C. to protest against the amnesty bill now making its way through the U.S. Senate.The group's website states:We believe it is...


FBI Director Mueller was questioned re the IRS targeting of conservative groups and had no answers, no knowledge. ... READ MORE


Video: It’s Time To Impeach Obama

Jun 15, 2013 01:34 pm

The time for words is over. Action must be taken. Obama has no regard for the American people. Obama has no regard for the rule of law. Obama has no regard for the Constitution. Obama shoved socialized healthcare down the throat of America, a program that is driving up the cost of health insurance and [...]

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Why Do They Spy On Us And Not The Terrorists?

Jun 15, 2013 01:29 pm

In less than a week since it became public, the Obama administration’s NSA spying scandal has progressed far beyond the accumulation of Verizon’s phone records. We now know that the NSA and its friends at Eric Holder’s Department of Justice are also utilizing Google (GOOG), Facebook (FB), Yahoo! (YHOO), and almost every other large tech firm to spy on us. Of all the recent [...]

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LIFE NEWS.COM 06/14/2013

House Votes Next Week on Bill Banning Abortions at 20 Weeks of PregnancyThe full House of Representatives will vote next week on a bill that would ban abortions nationwide at 20 weeks of pregnancy.
On Wednesday, a committee passed the bill on a 20-12 vote and the measure now heads to the full House floor where it is expected to receive a debate and vote next week. Republicans are supportive of the measure while Democrats are generally opposed to it.
If Pelosi’s a “Practicing Catholic” Why Can’t She Follow Church Abortion Teaching?House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi made more eye-rolling comments yesterday when she called defending legal abortions to the point of opposing a late-term abortion ban “sacred ground.”
“As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this,” Pelosi said about efforts to stop late-term abortions. “This shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.”

White House Won’t Say Obama’s Position on Bill Banning Abortions at 20 WeeksDuring the White House press briefing on Thursday, White House press secretary Jay Carney didn’t answer a question on what position President Barack Obama has on a bill the House will vote on next week to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
Carney essentially referred to Obama’s general position on abortion — supporting all abortions at any time during pregnancy for an reason — when asked if the president has a position on the late-term abortion ban.


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Andy Griffith vs Gov't Invasion of Privacy

Comment: And MORE importantly, even though Roger did not mention it (Why not, Roger?), this of course is THE reason why "The Media" (including FAUX, Rush and others) are doing MR. Obama an injustice on his Eligibility Issue. Why aren't they demanding that Mr. Obama be allowed to release HIS OWN (reportedly sealed and vaulted, at $5 million taxpayer expense) valid, rightly-certified "Original Hawaiian Birth Certificate"...instead of making him look bad by referring to the INVALID 2008 "CoLB" image  (Yes, they show that it says "INVALID" at its very bottom) and the 4-25-11 image which the media falsely claims is certified as his "Original Hawaiian Birth Certificate" when, IN FACT, that is NOT the case.  Why are they up to? Are they trying to frame him? And all to make sure that they keep their pay-off, sell-out jobs?


Submitted by: Donald Hank

NASA’s cold fusion tech could put a nuclear reactor in every home, car, and plane

The cold fusion dream lives on: NASA is developing cheap, clean, low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology that could eventually see cars, planes, and homes powered by small, safe nuclear reactors.
When we think of nuclear power, there are usually just two options: fission and fusion. Fission, which creates huge amounts of heat by splitting larger atoms into smaller atoms, is what currently powers every nuclear reactor on Earth. Fusion is the opposite, creating vast amounts of energy by fusing atoms of hydrogen together, but we’re still many years away from large-scale, commercial fusion reactors. (See: 500MW from half a gram of hydrogen: The hunt for fusion power heats up.)



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