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Prayers for Walt: Court on Dec.3
Thank you Norma. I'll be there in spirit and prayers are being sent up already. Godspeed, Walt. 
From: Norma
Dec. 3 is the date for Walter Fitzpatrick's trial.  We are begging as many as can be at the courthouse in Madisonville before 9:00 AM.  I know many of you are unable due to distance to be there with us, but you can be praying throughout the day for a good outcome to this unjust situation.  This is part of the 10th judicial district which has been named as one of the worst and most corrupt districts in Tennessee.  Much prayer is needed.........thanks......nw
Pass the word.....

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Highly doubtful Obama won.  But, both the Dems and RINOs worked to ensure Obama's "win."  Both of these groups wanted--and now have--tyranny over We-the-People.  It is now time to seriously fight back, folks.     Stay tuned for upcoming info...
From: Dr Frank
Did Obama Really Win?  More evidence of Skullduggery in vote count?