Saturday, April 21, 2012


Socialist Party Of America Publishes Member List: Includes 70 Democrat Congressmen And Congresswomen On 08.19.11, in Censorship, Economy, Education, Gay And Lesbian, Government, Health Care, History, Law,New World Order, Politics, Regime, Taxes, Tea Party, Terrorism, by Sad Hill Keep in mind the Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Leftists, and Marxists living and procreating in the United States [not so sure about 'United' – Sad Hill] are displeased with Obama. Not because he fundamentally transformed America – as promised – but because he hasn’t done enough. Socialist Party Of America Publishes Member List: 70 Democrat Congressmen And Congresswomen (Conservative Byte)


Donald Hank writes: We saw Obama nearly weep (or pretend to weep) over the death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman, who was originally thought to be white but turned out to be a tan man with Mexican blood. Trayvon was also thought to be a clean cut kid, but photos more recent than the old ones released in the press show him with a distinctly hoodlum look. Not to mention the fact that he had been recently expelled from school for showing up with jewelry whose origin he was at a loss to explain and some tools of a kind frequently used by burglars. That uninformed side show ignited a national furor aimed at demonizing whites and guns. The Democrat narrative has always been that whites should not have guns because they will tragically kill innocent blacks who, perhaps, only SEEM to be burglars but who in fact broke into their home late at night for legitimate reasons. My son told me recently that his psyche teacher had shown him a movie clip about an experiment in which first a black boy and then a white boy are seen in a park trying to cut through a chain securing a bike to a tree. When people pass by and see the white boy doing this, no one tries to stop him. When they see the black boy doing it -- dressed the same as the white boy-- many are clearly suspicious and some even try to stop him. The teacher told them this proves people are prejudiced to think black people might be criminals. The implication is that blacks are not an iota more inclined to commit crimes than are whites, and we horrible white people have demonized these innocent folks. My son seemed satisfied with that explanation. I said that was no prejudice because blacks commit several times as much crime as whites, corrected for their proportions in the population. My son, a very sharp boy, immediately responded that this might be because blacks get blamed for crimes more often because of prejudice. Quite so. So I decided to do some research. Here is what I found for murder, for example. Blacks commit it 7 times more than whites: I then checked on the rate of unsolved murders, which turns out to be quite high, by the way -- around 40%. However, it is unreasonable to suppose that all 40% of these unsolved murders are committed by whites when the black murderers convicted are 7 times as many. There is prejudice all right, and there are many people in important places who help perpetuate it. Many teachers are part of that group. Don Hank