Friday, November 2, 2012


Submitted by: Lady Byrd
Hurricane Sandy , HAARP & Agenda 21
Conservancy theories are no longer theories they have been published in the UN Agenda 21 Manual to control the population. The science of weather modification has been on going for the past 40 years and the elite are fighting for control of us., cause kaous bankrupt the US's economy and create jobs for the elites clean up crews. Chem-trail spraying is an extension of HAARP weather research/control to create storms and drought and put population control chemicals in out air. GMO foods, Fluoride in the water, toxic chem trail aerial spraying may soon affect all of us. False flag operations such as the 911 incident . the UN small arms treaty, the NDAA will strip us of any rights may soon allow anyone the be slaves to the 7 world elite. Pray for peace.  (7 minute video…worth watching)


Submitted by: Lady Byrd
Seven Ominous Storms Facing America After the Coming Election 

Joseph Mattera 

This past Sunday metaphorically pictured the present situation of our nation: Even with a terrible storm on the horizon (on the East Coast) many people were being (spiritually) lulled to sleep while fascinated with football games and entertainment through media.
This is eerily similar to more than 1,500 years ago, when the Roman emperor distracted the masses with gladiatorial games, traveling circuses, and distributed free bread against the backdrop of the looming Barbarian hordes about to invade, plunder and ravage their cities.
It is truly time for the whole church to wake up—to fast, pray and engage the culture as salt and light before night comes and no man can work!
These are some of the words I have been saying with more and more frequency the past several years to leaders I know in the body of Christ. Lately I have been feeling sympathetic to the way Jeremiah the prophet must have felt as he kept warning of the impending doom coming to his nation if it did not repent.
The following are seven of the storms I see coming:


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6 states asked to recalibrate before Election Day

McDonalds Franchisee Fined $400,000 for Hiring ONE Illegal Alien   by Stephen Frank on 11/01/2012  
   Want to stop the illegal alien killing of jobs for honest people?
   “A Wichita-based McDonald’s franchisee was charged Wednesday with knowingly accepting a fraudulent identification document that was offered as proof that a manager was eligible to work, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Kansas.
   McCalla Corp. has agreed to plead guilty to an immigration charge and pay a $400,000 fine, U.S.     
   Attorney Barry Grissom announced today. The plea is expected to be entered in the next three weeks.” Find a couple of places in each city and you see how quickly Mexico becomes re-populated.   
   Enforce the laws, end the Obama amnesty, stop the issuance of welfare and driving licenses and you will see how quickly illegal aliens go home.  $400,000 is a lot of money for ONE illegal alien.  Find a company with a dozen and close them down.