Saturday, May 26, 2012


Submitted by: Robert Cooper

Obama has been led to believe that he has a place in the One World Order by Bilderberg. This a laughable as Bilderberg is a racist in the style of Hitler!


Liberals Have Plan B If Obamacare Is Struck Down

May 26, 2012 12:41 pm

A month before the Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of Obamacare, liberal supporters are already planning an aggressive propaganda campaign to sway media coverage and public opinion. The focus of the liberal public-relations campaign will be on “real people” — individuals who can speak about the impact of the ruling regardless [...]

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Sheriff Joe’s Posse: ‘Hawaii Duped Arizona’

May 26, 2012 01:34 pm

“Hawaii duped Arizona” in its response to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s request to verify Barack Obama’s eligibility for the 2012 election, charges the lead investigator of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse. “We have developed incontrovertible proof that the verification provided by the Hawaii Department of Health to Arizona’s secretary of [...]

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Whoever Promised Liberals A Rose Garden?

May 26, 2012 01:37 pm

I was watching “The Five” on Fox News, and Bob Beckel went on one of his usual rants about the economic playing field in America not being level. President Obama echoes the same thing as does every progressive in the country. It really isn’t a belief; it’s a mantra. It is an excuse to steal [...]

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Breaking: Is “Trayvon” Stopping Boehner From Moving In On Holder?

May 26, 2012 02:48 pm

According to Congressman Darrell Issa, there are some 80,000 pages of information now in the possession of the D.O.J. Inspector General as she continues to feign an official investigation into the Fast and Furious-related activities of her longtime friend, Eric Holder. But Issa’s House Government Affairs Committee has received only about 6,000 related pages from [...]

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Obama has shown a disdain for freedom and the Constitution, and he has implemented a series of executive orders that bypass our system of rights in this country. Every move he makes seems to be toward a government-controlled, emergency police state.

Barack Obama is intent on putting EVERYTHING...every single industry...under the umbrella of the State. So, while the President and Democrats distract Americans with social issues, behind the scenes work is still going on as THE GOVERNMENT TRIES TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE INTERNET.

Conservative Action Alerts has been fighting for nearly two years to stop government efforts to take control of the Internet. Please be aware, THE FIGHT IS FAR FROM OVER, and we need your help.

The Lieberman-Collins cybersecurity bill in the Senate (S. 2105) is emerging as a serious threat to privacy. They are set to vote any minute on this legislation, and it's even worse than CISPA, which we are aggressively fighting against...What will be next?

We must unite against CISPA, S.2105 and any other Internet takeover legislation. Send your Personalized Fax to Congress right now and tell them to keep their hands off the Internet!

S.2105 and CISPA (H.R. 3523), the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011, will allow government and companies what the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) is calling "free rein to bypass existing laws in order to monitor communications, filter content, or potentially even shut down access to online services for cybersecurity purposes." It passed the House and Harry Reid is pushing it through the Senate, quickly.

This Internet legislation will create a police-state in which the government has total control over the Internet and the data of its citizens - just like China, Iran and Syria. If the United States of America passes any of these bills, we will be practicing the same type of censorship as these countries.

Our country very obviously must have measures in place to prevent a cybersecurity attack - or at least, to be able to recover from one quickly and efficiently. However, taking away the freedoms guaranteed to us under our Constitution is not the answer.

PRIVATE COMPANIES should be in control of their Internet systems, NOT the federal government!

Everything you do online ... reading political blogs, checking your bank statements, purchasing products, signing up for the latest coupon offer ... everything will be captured by your service provider and given to the U.S. government. They can then use this information however they want; and they can shut down any website they want to, without judicial review.

We must continue the fight, no matter how tired we are of these constant battles for our freedom. If our forefathers had put away their muskets and gone home, we would still be living under a monarchy today. We wouldn't be enjoying the God-given, hard-fought freedoms our Founding Fathers put in place after we shook off the shackles of the king.

This fight takes no weapon, except resolve. You can quickly and easily send a Personalized Fax to Congress and tell them to preserve your privacy and protect your freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution.

If the government passes Internet regulation, they can monitor ANY WEBSITE THEY CHOOSE and collect data about its visitors. They don't have to have a reason; they are the government, and they can make one up.

That means they can watch everything you do online, and they can gather that information in order to ultimately charge you with hate speech ... flag you as a terrorist ... or shut down the websites you visit by claiming they are cybersecurity threats.

They tried this with SOPA and PIPA under the claim of copyright infringement, but the truth came out about the bills and they were shelved.

Reid is aggressively pushing this bill AND HE WANTS TO VOTE ANY DAY NOW - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We don't know much about it, because it was crafted in secret, behind closed doors (sound familiar? Remember Obamacare?)

We must unite against CISPA, S.2105 and any other Internet takeover legislation. Send your Personalized Fax to Congress right now and tell them to keep their hands off the Internet!

Obama wants to know everything about his kingdom - so he is busy putting surveillance and control measures in place: