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Exerpt from Political Digest of 02/06/2012

Obama Announces 2012 Launch Of 'African-Americans For Obama'
Some people would say this is racist, but it's no more racist, than, say a group called "White Americans Against Obama." Oh, wait, any response to Obama except assuming the position and saying, "Please, Sir, may I have another" is racist. "Taxpaying Americans for Obama's Opponent"? Highly racist. Watch the media if you don't believe me. ~Bob.


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Important: Chart Of The Day: The Collapsing Labor Force Participation Rate
Excerpt: ... the mainstream media is spinning the 36,000 new jobs as a positive because the unemployment rate fell. Unfortunately, the reason for the decline is simple. The labor force participation rate is collapsing as job searchers simply give up and are deemed by the BLS as no longer being part of the workforce:

Excerpt: New numbers on the economy came out today, revealing some seemingly positive trends, such as a drop in the unemployment rate. One of these numbers is a major drop in black unemployment, from 15.8% to 13.6%, a huge jump. On the surface, it's good news. Allen West, however, isn't having it -- he thinks someone may have tampered with the figures.

US plans shift to elite units as it winds down in Afghanistan
Presence could last beyond 2014; far different withdrawal plan than the one for Iraq
Excerpt: The United States’ plan to wind down its combat role in Afghanistan a year earlier than expected relies on shifting responsibility to Special Operations forces that hunt insurgent leaders and train local troops, according to senior Pentagon officials and military officers. These forces could remain in the country well after the NATO mission ends in late 2014. The plan, if approved by President Obama, would amount to the most significant evolution in the military campaign since Mr. Obama sent in 32,000 more troops to wage an intensive and costly counterinsurgency effort.

Hillary Clinton lambastes 'travesty' of UN veto on Syria
Excerpt: Clinton was bluntly critical of Saturday's veto by Russia and China at the United Nations blocking action against the continuing violence in Syria. (We are the only country in history to fund an organization--the UN--for our enemies to use against us. Time to stop. ~Bob.)

Countdown to Zero in Tehran and Jerusalem
Excerpt: There was a time when Israel did not deal with existential threats by urging the Americans to do something. That time was fairly recent. When Saddam decided he wanted to have his own nuclear reactor, fourteen Israeli Air Force jets put an end to his dream. The year was 1981.

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Toppling Tax Dollars for Turbines
Excerpt: The wind energy industry has reason for concern. America's appetite for subsidies has waned. Congress is looking for any way it can to make cuts and the twenty-year old Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy is in prime position for a cut—it naturally expires at the end of 2012. Without action, it will go away.

US, Japan agree to partial Marine transfer from Okinawa: media
Excerpt: The United States and Japan have agreed to tweak a six-year-old agreement on Marines based on the southern island of Okinawa, allowing Washington to deploy forces to the Pacific island of Guam regardless of the debate over moving a disputed airbase. The Guam deployment had been held hostage by a political stalemate in Japan over the shifting of the Futenma base to another site on Okinawa, an issue given added importance in recent years by China's growing military might in the region.

What’s Islam Got to Do with It?: To prohibit the question is to invite disaster. by Clifford D. May
Excerpt: Is there anything Islamic about Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps? On what basis does Ayman al-Zawahiri, now al-Qaeda’s leader, formerly the head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, claim to be a jihadi — an Islamic warrior? Do groups that justify terrorism on the basis of Islam have a doctrinal leg to stand on? Let’s not start by answering these questions. Let’s start by agreeing that such questions need to be asked — not suppressed.

Who Would Jesus Tax? by Rev Doug Giles
Excerpt: This past Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama said that his Christian faith crafts his domestic policies—particularly his desire to rob from the rich and give to the poor. In my humble opinion, I think the president is getting Jesus and His disciples confused with Robin Hood and his Merry Men. I don’t know which White House wizard crafted that speech for him, but the verse he or she gave to our Spender in Chief to back his socialism was more twisted out of joint than a Gumby doll being worked over by a frustrated Gary Busey.

Response on the Combat Pay posting
Some more gouge on the Imminent Danger Pay issue: Despite what has been reported, I received the same email message from MyPay and nothing has changed except the way IDP is awarded. Previously, anyone who was in an IDP zone for a single day got the entire month's allotment of IDP. The new law will change the award to $7.50 for each day that an individual is in an IDP zone, as designated by the SecDef. Those who are actually shot at or who experience a mine/IED detonation will receive the full month's award of $225 as Hostile Fire Pay. The Marine who voiced his frustration apparently didn't understand what he was reading, because he got it completely wrong and stirred up a lot of malcontent in the process. Regardless of the administration's other policies and decisions, this one is simply a non-issue. Semper Fidelis, Jake, Capt, USMC

Important: Egypt to prosecute Americans, including Sam LaHood, in NGO probe
Excerpt: The Egyptian government intends to prosecute at least 40 people, including some U.S. citizens, as part of an investigation into nongovernmental organizations that receive foreign funding, state media reported Sunday. The announcement came a day after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned the Egyptian Foreign Ministry that failure to quickly resolve the probe could jeopardize the more than $1.3 billion Egypt expects to get this year in U.S. aid. (I'm done. I think that if Gingrich or Santorum or Romney stood up and said, "That's it. We're done. We're also broke. If I'm elected president, there won't be one more frickin dime for the UN, Egypt, Pakistan or any other country that works against us and freedom!" he would sweep the nomination and the election. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: 1. Greece is poised to default, the end-game everyone anticipated in 2011. It is not a matter of if but when. 2. That default will trigger credit-default swap contracts, derivatives known as CDS that protect the owner from events such as default. 3. This will implode the shadow-banking system and the visible banking system, as those who sold the CDS (financial institutions) do not have enough cash or assets to pay the owners of the CDS. (Part of the reason all this is so scary is that I understand so little of it, to judge what is going on. And I think I'm better informed than 99% of people. ~Bob.)

Ayatollah: Kill all Jews, annihilate Israel
Excerpt: The Iranian government, through a website proxy, has laid out the legal and religious justification for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its people. The doctrine includes wiping out Israeli assets and Jewish people worldwide. Calling Israel a danger to Islam, the conservative website Alef, with ties to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the opportunity must not be lost to remove “this corrupting material. (Geeze, suppose the Jews don't do something radical, like defend themselves? ~Bob.)

Obama Announces 2012 Launch Of 'African-Americans For Obama'
Some people would say this is racist, but it's no more racist, than, say a group called "White Americans Against Obama." Oh, wait, any response to Obama except assuming the position and saying, "Please, Sir, may I have another" is racist. "Taxpaying Americans for Obama's Opponent"? Highly racist. Watch the media if you don't believe me. ~Bob.

Robert A. Hall


Grassfire Nation Update


It is now clear that the BIGGEST LOSERS in the ObamaCare statist healthcare overhaul ARE AMERICA’S SENIORS and those approaching retirement age. Consider these shocking facts:
  • According to Obama’s own chief actuary in the Department of Health and Human Services, ObamaCare will savage Medicare by cutting $575.1 billion in this decade alone.
  • One website says that ObamaCare “will affect all aspects of health care for seniors -- coverage, prices, and access.”
  • “Medicare Advantage” -- the popular program which gives seniors more choices in healthcare -- is already being decimated by ObamaCare with major insurers dropping the plan altogether and Obama’s actuary projecting a 50% reduction in the program by 2017.


Submitted by: Nancy Battle
Subject: CIA, Satanism, Ritual Child Abuse Pt. 1-8 by Ted Gunderson - YouTube

Subject: CIA, Satanism, Ritual Child Abuse Pt. 2-8 by Ted Gunderson - YouTube


Foreclosures, Mers and Stinky WoodpilesWhy do people invest in 500 packaged mortgages? Because, the 500 mortgages have borrowers who pay loan interest. If you’ve ever owned a home, you know that almost all of the house payment made goes to pay interest, not home equity (loan reduction) until the later years of the loan. If the average house payment is $1,000 that means the derivative package being offered gets $500,000 in monthly payments. Of that amount, 80-90 percent is loan interest.......
by Marilyn Barnewall


The Destruction of Our Unalienable RightsWhen you read the Declaration of Independence you will read what has been called one of the most inspiring sentences devised by man: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” America became the envy of the world because its citizens were allowed to......
by Pastor Roger Anghis


Georgia Court Ignored Basic Rules of Interpretation

By now many of you have probably heard that the Georgia court ruled that Obama is a natural born citizen. (Link to opinion) More importantly it ruled that any person born on U.S. soil is a natural born citizen. According to the Georgia court, a woman from any country can visit the U.S. for one day, give birth, take the baby back to any country to be raised under any culture, and that baby can return as an adult, live here for 14 years and run for President. The end result of this ruling is outrageous. It runs contrary to common sense as well as to established law.


A Beating And Racial Slurs — But No Hate-Crime ChargesBy Selwyn
Ah, the left-wing capacity for rationalization knows no bounds. While we're told that even substantive criticism of Barack Obama is driven by the hatefulness the left has dubbed "racism," a racial attack by three black teenagers on two white men in Philadelphia this past Monday is, somehow, not.


Former DEA Chief: Hezbollah Eyeing Southwest Border, 'Hell To Pay In The Not Too Distant Future" By Penny  
The Iranian-supported Shi'ite terrorist group Hezbollah has spread its influence all the way to the U.S. border with Mexico, a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Iran's influence in the Western Hemisphere heard on Thursday.
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"Good Grief, What Has America Spawned?"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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“We should measure welfare's success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added."  Ronald Reagan
Every day, like vultures circling a fallen prey, they descend upon the centers of political power with their hands outstretched and without a hint of compunction or embarrassment, they beg, lobby, or riot for what they consider to be their "fair" portion of the sweat, blood and tears of those who are successful, self-reliant, responsible and independent.    Black, white, tan, red or yellow, these mostly urban beggars and whiners epitomize the Occupy Wall Street crowd that say they aren't getting their fair share of America's wealth and demand that those that produce and earn their way, must cough up more in taxes to pay those who won't work and want something for nothing, using the power of government to get it, in a grand scheme of wealth re-distribution. 


Don Hanks writes:
I know a lot of conservatives who are saying they won't bother going to the polls if Romney is nominated. I won't say they are right or wrong. I state that as a fact that needs to be archived in our national psyche for the eventuality that a president whom conservatives elected presides over the end of American freedom as we know it. Many of us think it is entirely possible.
Many of these people believe that evil is like an out-of-control forest fire and needs to burn itself out. Hitler's Germany, Mao's China, the Soviet Union, and more recently, the collapsing EU and euro zone, were/are good examples of this kind of sociopolitical forest fire.
Evil behaves just like an act of nature -- a volcano, earthquake, flood, forest fire -- and while it is absolutely wrong to sit back and do and say nothing, fighting it may ultimately be futile. We need to prepare for that possibility. I mean you can fight local manifestations of evil, on a local level, and hold back the tide for a while. But the geopolitical entirety of it is overwhelming, and at the very least, is not a task to which humans measure up. Ultimately, the outcome is decided by God. And God is no bean counter. He counts only righteous people vs unrighteous, not how cleverly they manipulate elections by calculating who has the better chance to win, regardless of their lack of scruples.


Old Jarhead Poems wins Robert A. Gannon Award
I have been informed by LtGen Robert R. Blackman, Jr. USMC (Ret) that my book of poetry has won the Marine Corp Heritage Foundation's 2012 Robert A. Gannon Award. I'm invited to a Black Tie awards dinner at the National Museum of the Marine Corps on April 21. The award includes a check and an engraved brick to be placed in the Semper Fi Park adjacent to he museum. I imagine my Senior Drill Instructor, Sgt. William H. Harris, being informed that I had won a writing award for poetry, shaking his head and saying, "I knew that maggot had to be good at something!" (All royalties from the book go to the Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund.)

Excerpt: Mitt Romney won Nevada's GOP caucuses by a wide margin Saturday, a victory that was long expected and helps further his campaign's argument that he is the inevitable nominee.