Wednesday, December 25, 2013

THE POINT 12/25/2013

Ex-UK Chief of Defense Says Obama’s Regime Change in Libya a Mistake

It may have contributed to the spread of arms in the region.

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ObamaCare Website Didn’t Recognize Obama

If there's anyone ObamaCare ought to recognize, it's Obama

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Submitted by: Ron Branson -
Dec 24 at 5:58 PM

Search And Seizure
And The NSA

By Ron Branson
National JAIL4Judges Commander-In-Chief

One of the more controversial issues of the day is that regarding the National Security Agency (N.S.A.), namely, the seizing of everyone's telephone and internet communications. Just this last week surprisingly 60 Minutes was granted an interview of the NSA. One of the questions presented to the NSA was regarding how many public interviews the NSA has conducted over the years. The response given was one, only this current one. Obviously, the NSA is concerned over its own privacy, and the only reason they granted this interview with 60 Minutes was because so much public heat has been directed towards the NSA over the recent Snowden exposure of its collection of information on every American citizen in this country.

JIHAD WATCH 12/25/2013

Dec 24, 2013 05:20 pm | Nicolai Sennels
From the Danish award winning blog A demonstration from Avedøre Station City earlier today (December 24th). There were shouts of "Takbir" (conquer) and "Allahu akbar" (God is greater)....

Dec 24, 2013 11:34 am | Robert Spencer
#Egypt-ian American Mohamed Soltan from Ohio #Buckeye #Rabaa RT @Free_Soltan: #free_soltan @ the MAS-ICNA convention! — Mohamed Elibiary (@MohamedElibiary) December 24, 2013 Mohamed Soltan's father, Dr. Salah Sultan, was formerly scholar-in-residence at the Ohio mosque attended by the family of the famous ex-Muslim Rifqa Bary. Salah Sultan has...

COWBOYBYTE 12/25/2013

Why December 25th?

Gotta read this one to the end. Check it out: One of the most popular theories and commonly taught explanations for why Christmas is on Dec. 25th is because the early church placed Christian holidays at times of Roman celebration … Continue reading

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CLASH DAILY 12/25/2013

Who Was Jesus? Why He Wasn’t a Liberal Hippie Who Was Cool with Everything Since we’re about to commemorate the birth of Christ, who was he, really? Some skeptics have made their thoughts pretty clear. They made a claim that Jesus loves and values all the things that traditionalist […] ... READ MORE

HOPE & HELL IF I KNOW: Curl, “Into Year 6, Obama Admits He’s Clueless” What a depressing presidency Barack Obama has wrought. Waltzing into office five years ago with the media’s shameless aid on a high-school-style campaign pledge of “Hope and Change,” the former community organizer from ... READ MORE


CHUCK KOLB 12/25/2013


It is past noon on 12/25/2013 in South Florida ...
and the skies are streaked with chemtrails galore ...
- the freaking reptiles do not stop ...

Previously posted ...

It is a wonder we made it the through firecracker 2013 ...
Alas beloveds, stay well prepared for the bombardment of 2014 !

What we’re up against here are demons. That’s right, spiritual wickedness in high places ! These are the end times, and extremely
nasty demons, more evil than ever, have been released for this hour.  If you are not living “in” Christ Jesus, you are in danger !
That means, if you are living in unrepentance, and outside of the will of God - in disobedience and blatant outright sin
- you and your family are not safe from the powers of hell ! 


Time of Joy
Once again we observe the celebration of Jesus Christ being born to us as man. We hear the name Emmanuel and often fail to know that its meaning is, “God is amongst us.”
What is so hard to imagine are the many evils that confronted our Lord and Savior that He overcame with grace and understanding. He was sought after, as a male child, by Herod’s forces. Their intent was to slay Him thereby stopping any challenge to Herod’s area of rule. As a babe in arms He was taken to the safety of Egypt where He spent years of His life.
Sadly there are those who would kill Him this very day in their zest to protect secular matters and deny anyone the right to worship as they please.
There were men of learning, he Magi, who sought to pay homage to Him as they knew, without a doubt, that He was their Lord and Savior. How they came to know this is not made note of with the exception of being led by a star.