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Dear Conservatives, 

The next big showdown at the United States Supreme Court is just around the corner -- and your National Right to Work Foundation is right in the thick of it.

In January a federal appeals court relied on arguments made by Foundation staff attorneys -- who filed an amicus brief on behalf of four workers with cases pending before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) -- and stuck down Barack Obama's "recess" appointments to the Board as unconstitutional.

Next, Foundation attorneys asked the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to enforce its decision and make the illegitimate NLRB cease and desist, and the Court has already ordered the NLRB to file a response to justify its continued operation.

Meanwhile, another Foundation-assisted challenge is pending in a different federal circuit.

And now the Obama Labor Board announced it will appeal the D.C. Circuit's opinion to the High Court


Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
Senator Ted Cruz, a newly established maverick in the United States Senate, has introduced an amendment to a continuing resolution bill (CR) that would defund ObamaCare! The CR is a must-pass bill to keep the government funded after the end of this month.  
In adding the amendment, Senator Cruz drew a line in the sand for President Obama…
“Ask if Harry Reid and President Obama are willing to try to shut the government down in order to insist that Obamacare be fully funded now, even though it could well push us into a recession.”  
On the House side of Congress, Representative Paul Ryan has offered a fiscal proposal that balances the U.S. budget in 10 years – but only if ObamaCare is defunded.  
Although it’s highly unlikely that either proposal will make it to the President for signature, we commend both of these elected officials for taking a highly principled stand against the devastating government take-over of our medical system which is called “ObamaCare.”


ALERT: Two House members commit to block government-growing legislation through voting down the rules.Fax Congress!

Conservative American,

Haven't we had enough bad legislation passed in the name of "bipartisanship" or "compromise?"

Just last week we saw the House GOP (establishment) leadership shoot down the conservative members' amendment that would've completely defunded Obamacare. Speaker John Boehner blocked the conservatives' effort entirely, preventing it from taking a single vote!

As the amendment would've likely passed, it is clear that House leadership is afraid of Obama and would rather give-in than put up a fight for the conservative principles they are supposed to be upholding.

The good news is: apart from establishment powers, there is a very large faction of the GOP that is not interested in growing government, shrinking liberty, or bowing down to Barack Obama.


Palestinian Officials Warn Against Obama Visiting Al-Aqsa Mosque With Israeli Escort
By Memri

Palestinian officials and clerics--from the PA, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and even from the Islamic Movement in Israel-- warned Obama not to visit the Western Wall or Al-Aqsa Mosque with Israeli escort, on the grounds that this would constitute support for Israel's occupation of Jerusalem and a perpetuation of this occupation. 

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Video: U.S. Government Preparing For Collapse?

Mar 14, 2013 01:51 pm

The Economy isn’t going to recover. The government knows this and is getting ready, but in ways that are very disturbing. Related posts: Obama Admin Is Preparing To Take Out Conservative Americans Military veterans consistently poll as identifying themselves as conservative, which… Why Government Austerity Is A Blessing Financial journalists are concluding that austerity is [...]

Watch the Video and Comment: Video: U.S. Government Preparing For Collapse?

School Teaches 9-11 Hijackers Were “Freedom Fighters”

Mar 14, 2013 01:32 pm

I’m beginning to wonder what in the world is going on in Texas! First I told you how the public school system in Texas is being infiltrated with CSCOPE curriculum thatteaches that the Founding Fathers, who were involved in the Boston Tea Party, were “terrorists.” Now, word is that in a Texas high school, students [...]

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Submitted by: C Thomas Hockenberry

A test drive to end all test drives!

Click here: Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: "Test Drive" - YouTube


Submitted by: C Thomas Hockenberry

Obama wants a Civilian Force that he can have personal control to do his dirty work.
Obama wants a Force Like Hitler had the SS with their emblem looking like 2 backward zees or 2 Lightening Bolts.
What Obama just can't get is that "We The People" have a Civilian Force of millions that are more powerful that he could ever dream to have.
We could kill his force........Or what I really should say God can.
We have millions of humans with weapontry.....but, God at the right time will use his angels.

It's Not the Bullets, Baby!

by Chet Nagle

In 2008 candidate Obama said, "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." Listen to it. After he was elected in 2008, President Obama never again mentioned his "national security objectives," or the "national security force" he wanted to create. Was that 2008 statement just an applause line? Not really, citizen, not really.

The president has never again mentioned his "national security force" or his "national security objectives," and because mainstream media has never questioned him, Americans have two choices: Forget it and trust the White House, or examine actions of the Obama administration over the last five years. If we look closely, a pattern emerges.


Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action
When President George W. Bush sent troops into Iraq, the outcry from the “Progressive Left” was… “Bush lied. People died.”  
When President Obama failed to take action to protect our people and interests in Benghazi, the Left’s outcry resulted in throwing an obscure filmmaker into jail.  This administration’s cover-up of the tragedy in Libya on 9/11/12 is completely outrageous.  Yet, the fact remains… Americans died and Obama lied.  
Please see my very important update below – Mat.    
An unknown number of survivors of the Benghazi tragedy remain in various stages recovery. Yet, their names, locations, and numbers remain a “State Secret” – literally.  
Even Congress has not been given access to the only witnesses who can accurately account for the events of 9/11/12 by the Obama administration.  
Why? There have been allegations of a cover-up since the day the administration blamed the attacks on Islamic revenge for an anti-Muslim video.


Submitted by: Nancy Battle

For dissemination throughout the Frontiersmen and to our friends

Federal action against patriot groups in US

Today at 10AM there was a very large meeting at the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) headquarters in Clarksburg, WV. The meeting was held in an auditorium and included everyone – from agents to the secretaries. The meeting was organized by the Director of the Biometric Identification Management Agency (BIMA), Colonel Bolo (ret.).

Bolo summarized the purchase of 24 new armored vehicles (each costing $400k) and the recent appearance of 20 mobile headquarters that are now present at the facility. The mobile units are semi-trailers with attached generators in the front; are of a shiny, mirrored-silver finish; and have no identifiable markings on them at all. There are 20 of them parked (visibly in front) at 1000 Cluster Hollow Rd, Clarksburg, WV as of today. Additionally, there are 24 armored cars (the same ones we have seen with DHS markings) parked in a different lot on this property, but they too may be visible.


Breaking:  TMLC Obtains Order Enjoining Enforcement of HHS Mandate against Thomas Monaghan and His Domino’s Farms Corporation
The Thomas More Law Center announced that Federal District Court Judge Lawrence P. Zatkoff of the Eastern District of Michigan, today, granted a Motion for aPreliminary Injunction against enforcement of the HHS Mandate filed by TMLC on behalf of Plaintiffs Tom Monaghan and his property management company, Domino’s Farm Corporation.  Judge Zatkoff previously ruled in favor of granting an emergency temporary restraining order.  The preliminary injunction extends the previous ruling to protect the plaintiffs for the entire pendency of the case.


Threat and Response—Part Two

“Creeping sharia”

Dear Conservatives,

Did you know that in the past several years there have been over 50 court cases in America where sharia law was applied?

Most Americans don’t know this—including those in politics, the media and academia.

Consider the words of Muzammil Siddiqi, Chairman of the Fiqh Council of North America, exhorting his followers to be politically active:

We must not forget that Allah’s rules must be established in all lands, and all our efforts should lead to that direction. (Pakistan Link, 10/18/1996)

Or the words of CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad:

Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America. (San Ramon Valley Herald, 7/4/1998)


Submitted by: Donald Hank

The euro is debased and in disrepute to the extent that the notion of reviving national currencies is suddenly gaining popularity around Europe.
It may be too early to think about US states and regions acting analogously and minting their own currencies.
On the other hand, if the Fed continues to print close to a trillion a year, it doesn't take a genius to foresee the encroachment of hyperinflation. So what do you do when a cool grand doesn't buy you a bottle of mik and when gold reaches $100,000/oz?
At that time, I am quite certain people will be floating the idea of minting a new and better currency. We might as well at least think about it now. Waiting to be hit with a worthless dollar and then trying to introduce a new unknown currency would be a mistake.
Don Hank
Dissolution of the “coercive euro association.” An orderly end of the monetary union. Countries should be able to legally exit if they “could not, or did not want to remain.” The euro would be replaced by parallel national currencies or smaller, more stable monetary unions.


It's Time To Put The Maverick John McCain Out To Pasture.

       While Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and others, were busting their humps sustaining a filibuster and actually opposing Barack Obama and his radical agenda, John McCain and 11 other Senators were having dinner with Barack Hussein Obama at an expensive and swanky hotel. 

       But McCain didn't stop there. He took to the floor of the Senate the very next day and castigated Rand Paul. He put his face on network news and called people who supported the brave attempt to oppose Barack Obama "WACKO BIRDS." 

       But McCain wasn't done. The very next day, he had the nerve an unmitigated gall to go on Fox News and say that patriotic Americans who are daring to stand up to Barack Obama "will endanger America's future," and pronounced with delusion that RINOs like him and Senator Lindsey Graham are the "winning part of the party." 

       It's time for an intervention. It's time to save our great country from the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Barack Hussein Obama, and yes... it's time to put the 'Gelding John McCain' - (no longer a "maverick"), out to pasture and demand that our elected officials start to follow the example of Rand Paul and Mike Lee and Marco Rubio.

Use the button or the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership.

If button above does not work, please use this hyperlink


Submitted by: BobJen
To: The NationalMiddleClass Network & TeaParties...These columns  are not necessarily our views; more in fairness to both sides. So, please keep the feedback coming. Thanks. Also, as many know, we are having IP issues. So, if you've received this NewsMail in error or wish to be removed, please let us know. So far, those so requesting since this inception is virtually zero. Thanks again
National MiddleClass Network NewsBriefer    
“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) 

School Kids Being Punished for Thought Crimes
Video: Court Ordered DNA Test; Four Democratic Officials Plead Guilty To Election Fraud     Four Democratic Officials Plead Guilty To Election Fraud: Court Ordered DNA Samples From Dem Officials - VIDEO HERE: Officials Plead Guilty in New York Voter Fraud Case Excerpts Via Eric Shawn @ Fox...

Grand Jury Indicts: Obama Supporters & Ohio Poll Worker Criminally Charged With Voter Fraud  Grand Jury Indictments: Obama Supporters & Ohio Poll Worker Criminally Charged With Voter Fraud - VIDEO BELOW:Note: This is the same State that refused to act upon the evidence for...

Attorney Larry Klayman Appeals Obama Identity Fraud Challenge To Florida Supreme Court   Attorney Larry Klayman Appeals Florida Obama Identity  Fraud And Ineligibility Challenge To Florida Supreme CourtThis is regarding the Voeltz v Obama case at Florida's First District Court of...


Southern Poverty Law Center's war on Patriots revealed
Groups of American patriots are under attack not only by the federal government and some state governments, but also by some so-called public-interest watchdogs such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, according to a number of pro-American activists such as religious leader and prolific columnist Chuck Baldwin and constitutional attorney Larry Klayman founder of Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch......
by NWV News


Surprise: High School Grads Can’t Read
Yes, I know: probably you don’t believe it. “They aren’t proselytizing for gay marriage in my son’s school!” Don’t bet on it. Schools never release the details of their sex education curriculum unless forced to by a lawsuit. They don’t let the kids take the classroom materials home with them, and most kids are embarrassed to discuss these lessons with their parents. The school doesn’t even hire a substitute if the sex ed teacher is......
by Lee Duigon

RedState Briefing 03/14/2013

Morning Briefing
For March 14, 2013

1.  Obamacare Will Not Crumble Without a Government Shutdown
There are many naive fools who think Obamacare will crumble under its own weight.

History shows us that government entitlements never crumble under their own weight. Rather, countries crumble under the weight of those entitlements.

Democrats were willing to lose their congressional majority to pass Obamacare. They lost the House. They came close to losing the Senate. Republicans have shown no such willingness to correct the Democrats’ wrong.

As more and more Americans come to learn the costs of Obamacare, the unpopularity of the law is growing again. It is one of the few issues that have shown consistent majority opposition.

But Republicans have been unwilling to fight to kill it.

Many Republicans have said they’d wait until the next debt ceiling fight to focus on defunding Obamacare. But in case these Republicans missed it, just yesterday Speaker John Boehner said he would not risk the full faith and credit of the United States to defund Obamacare.