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1. FEMA Readies 100,000 Person National Disaster
Medical System Mobilization For 1,000 Locations (Video)

Susan Duclos

More and more people are wondering what does the government know that they aren’t telling the masses? What are they are preparing for? Some type of pandemic?
A terrorist attack they know is going to happen but haven’t bothered to inform the public? Is it ISON?
The video below shows massive preparations being made for a 100,000 person national disaster system mobilization team, for 1,000 locations, on just 48 hours notice.


Honors Class Subjected To Radical Islamic Propaganda

Sep 18, 2013 01:31 pm

A public school in Tennessee is rightfully under fire after an honors class received a reprehensibly one-sided lesson on religion. During the three-week study, the group of Hendersonville High School freshmen went on a field trip to a nearby Islamic… Continue to Post

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Video: Feinstein: First Amendment Is A Special Privilege, Not A Right!

Sep 18, 2013 01:24 pm


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RIP Common Sense

Written by Donald Hank on Wednesday, 18 September 2013. Posted in Opinion, Donald Hank

Keynesian propaganda has blinded many citizens to the danger facing the economy. And that danger comes squarely from government policies that stifle growth, drive down employment, and restrict productive business.

Fellow American, you need to be aware of and prepare for something that will happen:
The US economy will eventually sputter and fail.
At that point, the blame will fall not on the socialist government that destroyed the economy but on a scapegoat, i.e., capitalism itself and on the capitalists who had until then provided work for us.
First let's examine why I say with full confidence that we are headed for a collapse.


NAVY YARD KILLER: Felt “Screwed Over” and A Victim of Racism, Blah Blah Blah… Alexis, 34, who was shot dead on Monday after killing 13 people at Washington’s Navy Yard, also carried a .45 handgun tucked in his trousers with no holster “everywhere he went” because he believed people […] ... READ MORE 

Disarming Our Armed Forces? Yeah, That Makes Sense Add another mass shooting to the gun-free zone fatality list. Clearly, guns don’t kill people, gun free zones kill people. One of my friends said it’s a mental health issue, that until we fix the […] ... READ MORE

CLASH DAILY 09/18/2013

NAVY YARD MASSACRE: 13 Dead Because GOV’T Does Security on the Cheap Written by guest contributor: A.J. Yolofsky, Esq. The shooter is identified as 34 year old Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas. Alexis spent one enlistment in the US Navy Reserve as an aviation electrician’s ... READ MORE 

Politicians and Gun Free Zones To Blame For Another Tragedy By Spencer Bennett Clash Daily Guest Contributor Though the investigation continues, there are several things we already know about this shooting: It happened in a ‘Gun Free Zone’, it was carried out by a disturbed […] ... READ MORE 




The good in this true story is Trevor Colestock, a school librarian for the Miami-Dade School District.

Because of Colestock and for the first time in its existence, the Office of the Inspector General for Miami-Dade County documented and substantiated an instance of test cheating in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Florida’s largest school district and the nation’s fourth largest school district.

It began when a student told a teacher that cheating was going on. The teacher then told Colestock who has been the Library Media Specialist and a union steward at Miami Norland Senior High School for the past seven years


As predicted, less on Syria today. By next week, it will be forgotten, Assad will still be in power, Putin will be stronger, Syrians will still be dying, both sides will still be evil, and someone will nominate Obama for another Peace Prize for not bombing Syria like the evil Republicans McCain and Graham wanted him to. ~Bob
September is Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month
Must Read: Dear Corporate America. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: I haven't written to you in a while. At least not since my television broke down, my toaster developed a taste for human flesh and my phone company ran away with my phone number to Mexico. Rachel Maddow says we're both on the right and are really close together. But then again Rachel Maddow also says the Republican Party drinks the blood of small children. So she can be a little factually challenged on occasion.


Submitted by: Florida Conservative Lady
This video would be entertaining if it was not true.


You are urged to see (and hear) this before it disappears


Submitted by: Robert Cooper

If England pols do not wake up immediately they will find themselves replaced by their immigrants.
This is the goal of Islam and a refusal to assimilate is visible in the streets!


Submitted by: Robert Cooper

Someone must ask Obama, "CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?"*

GRASSTOPS USA 09/18/2013

Wage Web Warfare Against The Liberal Establishment: Sign Up For The GrassTopsUSA Action Alert.
"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts." ~ Abraham Lincoln
The Time Has Come To Speak Of The Donkey In The Room
Obama: An Agent Of The Muslim Brotherhood?
Canada Free Press

As each day passes and Obama becomes bolder in his foreign policy insanity, his actual personal membership in the Muslim Brotherhood seem increasingly obvious.

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How To Survive When America Collapses
When China freezes our money and the banks collapse... when the power grid shuts down... you'll want to avoid the five most common mistakes that preppers make... critical things that could mean the difference between life and death.

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Remember When We Learned In School About The Communists Separating Children From Their Families?
NEA Continues It's Anti-Parent Bias
Right Side

Here are some of the NEA Resolutions that tend to put public schools rather than parents in charge of your kids.

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The Government Has A Plan For You...
This man says the U.S. is currently in store for an apocalypse of biblical proportions. The government knows exactly what's coming. The government is prepared, but nobody, repeat nobody, else knows what is to come. Watch this shocking video now or hate yourself later.

Watch This Shocking Video

The Legends In His Own Mind
The Dark Solipsism of Barack: Why a "Leadership" Vacuum May Not Bother Him at All
By Kelly O'Connell

Obama has now been officially categorized as a failed president of foreign policy.

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So, You've Never Owned A Firearm?
Handgun sales are going through the roof but many people who never owed a firearm are intimidated at the prospect of owning a firearm. How does one go about choosing a firearm? How does one use it safely? How does one go about not looking stupid on the range?


Hoping To Boil The President and Congress In The Same Sauce As The Rest Of US
Democrats Act To Keep Obamacare Exemptions For Congress
By Jennifer G. Hickey

When Congress passed the sweeping Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, Congressional members and their staff were exempted from the several provisions of the law.

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'Doing the right thing' gets Fox Chapel Area student in trouble
image A Fox Chapel Area student is spending up to 10 days suspended from school for what his lawyer calls "doing the right thing." The 16-year-old boy was suspended this week for reporting to a security guard at the Foxes' Friday night football game that he had a pocket knife with him.

CBO says government finances will be in dire straits by 2038
image Federal taxes will go up, but spending will rise even faster over the next 25 years, leaving the national government in dire fiscal straits, according to projections the Congressional Budget Office released Tuesday.

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GOP USA 09/18/2013

What makes liberals do what they do?

  just don't get it. Liberals have been firmly entrenched in government and bureaucracy for decades. As standards and American values continue to go downward, doesn't it seem reasonable that these people would stop for just a second and say, "Hmmm... maybe, just maybe, our policies are actually hurting the country." Nope. It's not going to happen, and a sampling of recent news stories shows that liberals are as messed up as ever.

NEWS WITH VIEWS 09/18/2013

Today at NewsWithViews.TV
American Christianity is a Different Gospel: Would the" name it claim it" Gospel work for the Christians who are being slaughtered in Egypt?  Would "Your Best Life Now" be a big seller in the Sudan?  Would your pastor's sermon from last Sunday penetrate the heart of a suicide bomber?  Why is the American Gospel different from other Gospels?
--With Coach Dave Daubenmire

Your Ignorance of the IRS is Their Weapon Against You
There are certain things a taxpayer can do to protect him or herself from the IRS by what they say in correspondence to the IRS. Never, ever talk to the IRS in person, or over the telephone. Always conduct any communication with the IRS in writing and get them to communicate with you in writing. Also, demand that they sign any letters or other communication to you, "Under Penalty of Perjury", as they request you to do.......
by Ron Ewart


Today's Featured Article:
Obama Flipped Out Over Negative Coverage

Today's Politically Incorrect Headlines:


When it Comes to Obamacare Congress Throws Around Words like Prostitution, Bribery, Blackmail, Thuggery and Hypocrisy

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Wednesday Digest

September 18, 2013   Print


"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes." --Cesare Beccaria


Navy Yard Shooting Fact and Fiction

Monday morning, Navy veteran Aaron Alexis opened fire at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC, killing 12 people before police took him down. All too predictably, anti-Second Amendment leftists began exploiting this evil act even before the facts were known. Jay Carney and Piers Morgan were chief among them. They, pardon the pun, jumped the gun because, as usual, the facts undermine rather than serve their argument.
Here's what we know:

BEFORE ITS NEWS 09/18/2013

Top 10 Trending Stories

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Update from Iceland: Our Spy-Proof Communications Service Now Being Set up Here Offshore to Protect Your Privacy

CONTRIBUTOR: Chris Kitze. Before we left for Iceland, where the government protects the privacy of customers's data, I gave Russia Today an exclusive interview. In this interview, I revealed the NSA's infiltration of personal privacy and well we made the decision to move offsore. Plus, I lay out our plans for making our...


FEMA Readies 100,000 Person National Disaster Medical System Mobilization For 1,000 Locations (Video)

FEMA Readies 100,000 Person National Disaster Medical System Mobilization For 1,000 Locations (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Wake up America. By Susan Duclos More and more people are wondering what does the government know that they aren't telling the masses? What are they are preparing for? Some type of pandemic? A terrorist attack they know is going to happen but haven't bothered to inform the public? Is it ISON? The...

COWBOYBYTE 09/18/2013

Obama to Issue More Executive Actions on Gun Control

We knew this was coming. Yesterday, before launching into a highly politicized speech in which he berated Republicans, President Barack Obama took a moment to address the rampage carried out by madman Aaron Alexis at the Navy Yard in Washington … Continue reading

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Submitted by: Suzanne

On Benghazi, More Than Meets the Issa

If there's an upside to the President's Syrian debacle, it's that the administration's latest incompetence helped take the spotlight off of the White House's other spectacular failure:Benghazi. While the President was busy drawing his "red line," the first anniversary of the Libyan attack came and went without so much as a formal State Department ceremony for the four Americans brutally killed.
At State's headquarters in Washington, a couple dozen staffers gathered to remember the victims in a makeshift memorial service that didn't include Secretaries John Kerry or Hillary Clinton. Together staffers paid tribute to the men who would still be alive today were it not for serious failures on the administration's part. And one year later, Americans are no closer to understanding the reasons for the security lapses than they were on that tragic night. All signs point to senior State officials, who worked for Hillary Clinton and knew the embassy was vulnerable, but continued to downgrade security assets when the threat levels were highest.

ALT 09/18/2013

ALT Headlines Featured Stories for September 18, 2013

Free Flow of Information Act Targets Independent Journalism
The fact that the US Senate is now defining what a journalist actually is sets a dangerous precedent threatening the present marketplace of ideas that in recent history has been greatly expanded by the internet...
iPhone 5nSa Satire (VIDEO)
Introducing the new iPhone nSa, the best surveillance device to date. It aims to put your freedom... in the crosshairs.

ACTIVIST POST 09/18/2013


Brazil Seeks Online Independence From U.S. Spying
Activist Post

Egypt Takes Path Toward Rejecting Globalist Control
Brandon Turbeville

Bizarre Confrontation With Toledo Cop Caught on Video
Amanda Warren

“Free Flow of Information Act” Targets Independent Journalism
James Tracy

10 Things That Preppers Get Right
Gaye Levy


Submitted by: BobJen

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From: John..."Put these NewsBriefers in a folder and use them against the enemy or training, as needed".
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National MiddleClass Network DAILY NewsBriefer - 9-18-2013
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And don't forget the last newsbrief at the bottom......

ALERT...Anti-Illegal Immigration CATHOLICS!!!

Video: Sheriff Joe's Obama Investigator Mike Zullo; There Never Was A Birth In Hawaii Obama Release Your Records on 12:27 PM | Mike Zullo: Report: “There  Never Was a Birth in Hawaii” OBAMA’S PAST STILL A MYSTERY…OR IS IT? By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email(Sep. 17, 2013) — In an interview on Monday with...

JIHAD WATCH 09/18/2013

Sep 17, 2013 04:13 pm | Robert
The public school officials behind this reveal by their choices of visits that the real agenda here is to make these Tennessee students "accepting of the other," because that is the whole problem of jihad terrorism, doncha know -- if Americans were more accepting of Muslims and Islam, jihad terror...

Sep 17, 2013 04:11 pm | Robert
What motivates the Sunni-Shi'ite jihad? Shhhh! To ask such questions is "Islamophobic"! "Wave of car bombs, other attacks kill 31 in Iraq," by Sameer N. Yacoub for the Associated Press, September 17 (thanks to Kenneth): BAGHDAD (AP) — A new wave of car bombs rocked commercial streets in the Iraqi...

RedState Briefing 09/18/2013

Morning Briefing
For September 18, 2013

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1.  Marlin Stutzman: A Righteous Warrior
Congressman Marlin Stutzman of Indiana has been thrown off the House GOP’s whip team. His sin? Supporting limited government.

Stutzman becomes another conservative punished by House Republican leaders for standing up for his principles. Call Marlin Stutzman at (202) 225-4436 and tell him thank you.

He refused to support the farm bill. In fact, Stutzman, a farmer, became one of the leading opponents of the farm bill. With conservative opposition and Stutzman’s leadership, the House GOP had to scuttle passage of the farm bill and break it into two separate bills. . . . please click here for the rest of the post