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Dear Patriot,
Obama is proving himself to be even more sinister and dangerous than we thought. While he is going to Congress in an attempt to get their approval to attack Syria, a move that could send us into WWIII, he has already stated that it doesn't matter what the vote of Congress actually is. He will do what he wants, regardless. This is the tyranny that we are fighting against. We need your help to stand up to and expose him.
There is one fact about an attack on Syria that many Americans do not realize. If we attack Syria, then the United States of America becomes an ally to al Qaeda. That's right, our military will be made to fight FOR the very terrorist enemy who crashed planes into the Twin Towers, killing 3,000 Americans. Our military will be made to fight alongside the very terrorist enemy whose goal is to destroy America and kill us all. That, my fellow Americans, is NOT acceptable!
Obama's sycophant Secretary of State John Kerry would like you to believe that Arab countries will pay for the attack against Syria to bring down Assad if the U.S. will take the military lead. Are we to believe and accept that our military is for sale as hired guns to fight a war in the name of the Muslim Brotherhood?  If you will not stand for this, then stand with us TODAY!


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New problems for Syria strike push as video reportedly shows rebel-led executions
Published September 05, 2013
The momentum for a U.S. strike in Syria faces a fresh challenge on Capitol Hill as new evidence surfaces that could complicate the Obama administration’s case.
A new video smuggled out of Syria purportedly showing rebel fighters executing seven unarmed government soldiers is raising questions over whether the U.S. should intervene militarily in the ongoing Syrian conflict and the unintended consequences of instability in the region.
The amateur footage, obtained by The New York Times, shows Syrian rebels holding firearms and standing over seven shirtless, kneeling male prisoners with their hands tied behind their backs and their heads pressed to the ground. On the video a man, called “Uncle,” and presumed to be a rebel commander, starts to recite a poem.
“For fifty years, they are companions to corruption,” the man said, according to a translation by the Times. “We swear to the Lord of the Throne, that this is our oath: We will take revenge.”
When the poem ends, the commander fires a bullet into the back of the first prisoner’s head. One by one the sound of the guns going off can be heard and in the end, all of the kneeling men have been shot dead.


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Liberal rule book

1) You justify your beliefs about yourself by your status as a liberal, not your deeds. The most sexist liberal can think of himself as a feminist while the greediest liberal can think of himself as generous. This is because liberals define themselves as being compassionate, open minded, kind, pro-science and intelligent not based on their actions or achievements, but based on their ideology. This is one of the most psychologically appealing aspects of liberalism because it allows you to be an awful person while still thinking of yourself as better than everyone else.
2) You exempt yourself from your attacks on America: Ever notice that liberals don’t include themselves in their attacks on America? When they say, “This is a racist country,” or “,This is a mean country,” they certainly aren’t referring to themselves or people who hold their views. Even though liberals supported the KKK, slaughtering the Indians, and putting the Japanese in internment camps, when they criticize those things, it’s meant as an attack on everyone else EXCEPT LIBERALS. The only thing a liberal believes he can truly do wrong is to be insufficiently liberal.

PATRIOT UPDATE 09/05/;2013

Liberals reject Obama’s case for Syria strikes; believe Obama and Kerry are lying
Obama’s response to Syria moves GOP pawns to set up a 2014 checkmateTOP STORIES

LIFE NEWS 09/05/2013

Pro-Life Group Takes Battle to Overturn HHS Mandate to the Supreme Court
A pro-life legal group today filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to review a lower court’s decision in a case seeking to overturn the pro-abortion HHS mandate that is a part of the Obamacare law.
Liberty Counsel filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to review the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in its case for Liberty University against the abortion mandate. Liberty Counsel’s challenge to ObamaCare argues the contraception-abortifacient mandate forcing employers to provide free abortion-inducing drugs or devices violates the Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the First Amendment Free Exercise of Religion Clause.
Doctors Tell Mom to Abort “Brain Dead” Baby, Mom Sues After Delivering Healthy Child
A mother in England is filing suit against a hospital where doctors told her she should have an abortion of her supposedly “brain dead” unborn baby. Sarah Hagan is now suing City Hospitals Sunderland after giving birth to a healthy child.
Hagan says that, after a 24-week ultrasound scan of her unborn baby, doctors told her that her son Aaron was “brain dead,” had just one eye and no chance of survival.


RUSH: GOP Is ‘Frozen’. They Are Afraid To Oppose Anything That Involves Obama, Because Of Race
Sep 04, 2013 07:54 pm 


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Our First Friday Happy Hour VIP guest-of-honor tomorrow night, September 6th, is gonna be a real treat.  You do NOT want to miss this opportunity!

Sen. Elbert Guillory is an African-American member of the Louisiana Legislature.

As Wikipedia notes, his “Roman Catholic father, Ozema Ledee (died c. 2009), was an adventurer who flew his own plane, a rarity for a black man in the 1950s, and he was an entrepreneur and a bootlegger. Guillory's mother, who was still living in 2013 at the age of 104, is a hard-shelled Baptist, as he terms her, who forbade alcohol and cursing in her home. She earned her living as a teacher and school principal.”

Guillory himself attended the historically black Southern University in Baton Rouge…but was kicked out for writing an editorial in the school newspaper in which he referred to then-Democrat U.S. Senator Allen J. Ellender as a “lunatic.”

And get this: “Guillory's avocation is mountain climbing. Not only has he reached the summit of Mount Rainier in Washington State and Mount McKinley in Alaska, but he also has climbed his ‘namesake’ Mount Elbert, the apex of the Colorado Rockies.”

On May 31, 2013, Sen. Guillory rocketed to YouTube viral stardom (almost 500,000 views in the first three days!) with a video he produced to explain why he was switching parties and becoming a Republican…making him the first Republican senator in the Louisiana Legislature since Reconstruction.


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Putin to offer Syria Missile Shield

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Syria war plan advances in Senate, pushes Obama to help rebels

Secretary of State John F. Kerry confers with U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford on Capitol Hill on Wednesday during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on President Obama's request for congressional authorization for military intervention in Syria. The assault would be a response to a chemical weapons attack in the Syrian civil war. (Associated Press)
Senators wrote a war plan Wednesday for retaliatory military strikes ... more

NEWS WITH VIEWS 09/;05/2013

Fukushima: Radioactive Effluent Circulating Into all Oceans
Twenty-nine months after Fukushima’s nuclear power plants exploded and started leaking millions of gallons of radioactive toxic waste into the Pacific Ocean, the contaminated liquid circulated (s) into all of the oceans of the world. Fact: that radioactive waste enters into every living creature in the Earth’s oceans and contaminates their flesh. If you eat salmon, tuna, shrimp and other marine creatures in 2013, you cannot help but absorb to some degree, the radioactive contamination of Fukushima.......
by Frosty Wooldridge

Tear Down Those Walls
During the election of 2008 I became familiar with a “black” minister in Harlem who was going against the flow in his own community. He was warning black Americans that Obama was a fraud. Pastor James David Manning was preaching Jesus as savior…not Obama as savior…from his pulpit in the heart of black America Harlem, NY. He continues to promote loyalty to.........
by Coach Dave Daubenmire

COWBOYBYTE 09/05/2013

Obama and Putin set for collision over Syria

World leaders will gather in St Petersburg on Thursday for what has transformed into an international showdown with Vladimir Putin threatening to send a missile shield to Syria if the US launches an attack without the authority of the United … Continue reading

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Sep 05, 2013 05:46 am  

By Garth Kant and Chelsea Schilling 
Americans are slamming at least 22 members of Congress with thousands of phone calls and emails, urging lawmakers not to approve a military strike on Syria – by a margin of as much as 499 to 1.
Calls to Congress 499 to 1 Against Syria War

BEFORE ITS NEWS 09/05/2013

US Warship Docks In Israel USS San Antonio Arrives In Haifa Iron Dome Set To Ready!! (video)

CURATOR: The Truth. US Warship Docks In Israel USS San Antonio Arrives In Haifa Iron Dome Set To Ready!! The USS San Antonio, an amphibious transport dock ship, arrived at the port of Haifa on Wednesday for what the US Navy called a "routine port visit." Captain Randell Dykes said the visit was...


Putin: “Russia Does Not Rule Out Backing Military Action In Syria”!! US Staging Nuke Warheads On East Coast (video)

Putin: “Russia Does Not Rule Out Backing Military Action In Syria”!! US Staging Nuke Warheads On East Coast CONTRIBUTOR: The Liberator. Exclusive: High Level Source Confirms Secret US Nuclear Warhead Transfer.… High level source confirms secret transfer of nuclear warheads from TX to SC and beyond. Nuclear False Flag coming? Russia Does Not Rule Out Backing Military Action in Syria – Putin Russia does not rule out agreeing to...


Iraq War Vet Turns Tables on Store Clerk Robber, Shoves Gun Down His Throat

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Rubio: “While I have long argued forcefully for engagement in empowering the Syrian people, I have never supported the use of U.S. military force in the conflict. And I still don’t. I remain unconvinced that the use of force proposed here will work.”

Rubio Explains Vote Against U.S. Military Action in Syria
Senator Marco Rubio
U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Business Meeting
September 4, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio: “What is happening in Syria is a vital national security concern for the United States. I know Syria is far way, and some may wonder why it matters. But it matters for several reasons.

“First, Syria is of vital importance to Iran and to their ambitions to become the foremost power in the region. They use Syria to arm Hezbollah and then to attack Israel. They use it to traffic weapons and terrorists to destabilize Iraq. Second, Assad is a dangerous anti-American dictator. For example, he helped terrorists get into Iraq so they could maim and kill American soldiers. Third, this prolonged conflict is creating vast ungoverned spaces in Syria which are turning into the premier operational area in the world for jihadists to operate. And fourth, if Assad does not face consequences for what he has done, and is doing, it sends a message to other rogue governments like North Korea and Iran that they too can cross red lines without fear.

CLASH DAILY 09/05/2013

Graphic Video of Obama’s ‘Helpless’ Syrian ‘Rebels’ Executing Syrian Soldiers The Syrian rebels posed casually, standing over their prisoners with firearms pointed down at the shirtless and terrified men. The prisoners, seven in all, were captured Syrian soldiers. Five were trussed, their backs marked with ... READ MORE 

CAN OF WHOOP ASS: Catholic Patriarch Of Syria To Obama: Your ‘Criminal’ Attack Will Only Benefit Muslim Extremists The leader of the Greek Catholic Church in Syria said that if the U.S. were to launch an attack on the country, it would be “a criminal act” and would “reap more victims as Islamic […] ... READ MORE  

WUSSVILLE: Pathetic Town Objects to Church’s Cross, ‘It Might Offend Muslims’ By Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio It’s a battle of Christians versus Christians in Brandon, Miss. where city officials oppose efforts by a prominent church to erect a giant cross because it violates a zoning […] ... READ MORE 


 When Animals Attack: Feral Mob Beats Man to Death The uncivil war continues as a black mob beat a (white) Des Moines, Iowa, husband and father to death. No comments yet from Sharpton and the President. ... READ MORE

Obama Gives a Big Kudos to Muslim Brotherhood Connected ISNA! President Obama shamefully congratulates ISNA, a partner organization with the Muslim Brotherhood: partners are striving for a global, Islamic caliphate. ... READ MORE 


GOP USA 09/05/2013

Arming Syrian rebels draws scrutiny
image Extremist groups make up between 15% and 25% of the rebels fighting Syrian leader Bashar Assad, but moderate forces are growing stronger as a result of support from regional allies, Secretary of State John Kerry told Congress on Wednesday."I just don't agree that a majority are al-Qaeda and the bad guys," Kerry said in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. "That's not true."

Illegal alien may not get CA law license
image Boxed in by federal law, the California Supreme Court on Wednesday appeared unlikely to allow immigrants to be licensed to practice law unless they've secured legal immigration status first.


Video: New Mexico Man Labels Outhouse “Obama’s Presidential Library”!!

Sep 05, 2013 01:30 pm


Read More and Comment: Video: New Mexico Man Labels Outhouse “Obama’s Presidential Library”!!


Syrian Rebels Guilty! 100-Page Report Based Upon Scientific Evidence Released By The Government Of Russia Blames Syrian Rebels For Chemical Attacks Upon The Syrian People

Charlie Daniels: A Citizen’s Take On Syria


What Kind of President Would Throw In The World’s Lot With Evil al-Qaeda? -War in Syria, Slaughter of Christians by Radical Islamists, Drone Strikes, Abortion, Benghazi

ALT 09/05/2013

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Syria: The permanent structure of the US government is geared for war
This article is about the psychology of big government; criminal psychology...
New Device Uses Your Heartbeat As An Electronic Key
The move to give everyone a unique ID that can be verified across nearly all human activity has been in the works...
NorCal County Votes to Secede Create New State "Jefferson"
Yesterday the the board of supervisors to Siskiyou County in California voted 4-1 to start the secession process ...


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Why House Conservatives Should Remove Boehner And Other RINOS From The Leadership
by Dave Levine

Obama's on the wrong side of everything, as usual--trying to take the nation to war against a sovereign country that has not threatened or attacked us because he (Obama) is in trouble with his "domestic programs". He should be removed from office via Impeachment which would expose him as a usurper. A constitutional crisis would then occur as, because he's a usurper, Biden was elected fraudulently along with Obama and [Biden] cannot thus assume the presidency.

This would mean "President Boehner" would take over which is a horror I do not relish and is part of the reason why I've been calling for House Conservatives to remove Boehner as Speaker and replace him with a Conservative like Rep. Steve King, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher or Rep. Walter B. Jones.


Letter to the Editor. Robert A. Hall: Culture, not race, the reason for killings
While basically accurate, their editing changed what I said a bit. I did not say that Scott saw Cervini stealing from a car. In the account I read, Scott saw the three teens and thought they might be stealing. Also, I did not say that Cervini rushed at Scott. Scott claimed this at trial, just as Zimmermen claimed that Martin attacked him. Not having been there, I tend to accept that the jury thought the claims were true in both cases. ~Bob
Excerpt: No, Singapore does not have a free market for health care. What it does have is an alternative to the European/American welfare state, in which private saving and private insurance do what employers and governments do in other countries. The Singapore philosophy is: Each generation should pay its own way. Each family should pay its own way. Each individual should pay his own way. Only after passing through these three filters, should anyone turn to the government for help. If the United States adopted a similar approach to public policy, there would be no deficit problem in this country.

CONBUSTIBLE 09/04/2013


Only Congress Can Declare War
As President Obama intends to not only arm the Syrian rebels but also use our military to "surgically strike" the forces of Bashar al-Assad, we need to rally our lawmakers into action right away. Read More...

U.S. Travel Warning: Al Qaeda-Affiliated Syrian Rebels Have 'Claimed Nearly 600 Attacks'
While President Barack Obama is now asking Congress to authorize him to use military force against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad because that regime used chemical weapons on its own people, the State Department is maintaining a travel warning advising Americans not to travel to Syria. Read More...

Syrian rebels admit to being behind chemical weapons attack
Members of the Syrian rebel movement admitted to Associated Press reporters that they were behind the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack near Damascus, the Mint Press News reported on Thursday. Read More...


Poll: 27% Support Rebel Funding
As the federal government edges towards war with Syria, the American People are still largely against our nation’s intervention.

Read More
Let the Government Shutdown
The budget battle, and the GOP desire to defund Obamacare, has met at a crossroads in Washington. . . and it brings back memories of budget battles of the nineties, between the Republican dominated Congress and President Bill Clinton.

Read More
What Ruined Obama’s Credibility? Obamacare
As we debate intervening in Syria, there is a great deal of talk about possible damage to President Obama’s credibility abroad. But at least at home, Obamacare has already left that credibility rather diminished.

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Coming: ObamaCare and Medicare Train Wrecks
The problem with ObamaCare isn’t only that it’s careening toward a financial train wreck. It’s also a slush fund to pay off Obama’s political activists to carry out a massive invasion of privacy that dwarfs the NSA’s collection of personal data on American citizens.

Read More